Karin Laub

Thousands flee Gaza as Israel expands ground offensive Karin Laub
Israel launches massive ground offensive in Gaza Karin Laub
Syria fighting rages despite major Muslim holiday Karin Laub
Israel approves nearly 1,200 more settlement homes Karin Laub
Syrian troops move into strategic, rebel-held town Karin Laub
Syria responds to Israeli air strikes Karin Laub
Syria's main opposition group broadens base Karin Laub
Palestinians set their sights on UN recognition Karin Laub
Palestinians to proceed with U.N. recognition bid Karin Laub
NATO confirms strike but not Gadhafi's son's death Karin Laub
NATO strike kills Gadhafi's son but leader escapes Karin Laub
Pro-Gadhafi forces breach border with Tunisia Karin Laub
Gadhafi's grip on western Libya may be slipping Karin Laub
Heavy fighting rages in Libyan city of Misrata Karin Laub
Airstrikes hit near Gadhafi's residential compound Karin Laub