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Bush isn't done yet!

Election Day blogging (2:30 p.m. EST thread)

Kids vote!

Who are the kids voting for?

It's official: Obama will win, thanks to the Redskins

Top 10 songs to rock your Obama victory party

Investors want change: Dow closes up 305

More of your Election Day stories

Heavy Democratic turnout in Va. includes new immigrant enclaves

Election Day blogging (4:30 p.m. EST thread)

A record number of women serving in Congress in 2009?

Arlen Specter hopes for the Bradley effect

Blacks keep high hopes on down low

Socialism or death in Miami

More Election Day stories from readers

Election Day blogging (6 p.m. EST thread)

"The black people in Gary, Ind., are racist"

Vibrators for Obama!

President who?

Michael Nutter on Black Panther alarm: "It's nonsense"

The Black Panthers are coming!

Back mid-day Wednesday

Election Day blogging (7 p.m. EST thread)

Polls closed in first group of states

Mark Warner replaces John Warner

One more batch of your Election Day stories

The end of a long journey for Obama

Polls close in three more states

Obama to Virginia: Keep voting!

A bellwether race in South Florida

Election Day blogging (8 p.m. EST thread)

Some networks call Pennsylvania for Obama

"Secret Erection Ballot"

Polls close in 15 more states, D.C.

Whither Indiana?

Fox, CBS call Kay Hagan the winner in North Carolina

The battle for Colorado, writ small

Obama wins New Hampshire

It's official: Pa. for Obama, McCain's hopes dwindling

Election Day blogging (9 p.m. EST thread)

Four Dem Senate pickups: Shaheen and Udall

CNN debuts hologram technology to beam people in 3-D

Is a miracle out there, waiting for John McCain?

MSNBC, Fox call Ohio for Obama

In New Mexico, it's Obama

Mitch McConnell survives

McCain wins in Georgia

Election Day blogging (10 p.m. EST thread)

Obama wins!

Iowa, where it all began, goes to Obama

Shays, last GOP congressman in New England, loses

Virginia Democrats confident despite a tight race

Wicker wins in Mississippi

Obama wins Virginia

Election Day blogging (11 p.m. EST thread)

Nets call it for Obama

Quote of the night

"We put him over the top!"

Florida and Colorado add icing to Obama's cake

McCain concedes

Generations of hope

Celebrating at the Mayflower

Election Day blogging (wee hours EST thread)

Obama: "Change has come to America"

Murtha wins

South Dakota abortion ban fails

Bachmann snatches victory back from jaws of defeat

Obama wins Indiana

Ayers speaks: "They made me into a cartoon character"

Down-ballot, Dems get wave, but not a huge one

Election Day blogging (wee small hours)

"Sour loser"

Drift into marriage? Or break up and start fresh?

The right stuff

Voting machine fraud, pollster bias and the Bradley effect

Fake text messages give false voting information

Three huge, immediate reasons to be happy about last night

The journey ends for John McCain

Yes he did

Coleman declares victory over Franken in Minnesota

America has cracked open

California same-sex marriage ban too close to call

Quote of the day: "We are all Americans"

Obama versus Kerry and Gore

Bateman: Barack Obama's victory speech

So did they

Taking our country back