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Figures on government spending and debt

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Justin Bieber's long-time manager says he's "just like Bob Dylan"

The Democrats' TPP rebellion just drew blood: Everything you need to know about today's shocking vote

Is Bill Murray's brilliance back? "Rock the Kasbah" could break him out of his brooding on-screen funk

Highly logical California lawmaker says abortion causes drought -- which means it could probably cause these other bad things!

Elizabeth Warren dresses down Jamie Dimon: Senator fires back at JPMorgan's mansplainer-in-chief

This is the NRA's worst nightmare: The new gun safety study that gun nuts don't want you to hear about

Stop making excuses for Rachel Dolezal: The Spokane NAACP official's fraud is unforgivable

David Letterman on life after retirement: I'm avoiding places where "people want to come up and lick me"

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The Yes Men "prank-stars" tackle climate change, Homeland Security, international gay rights — and their own partnership

"Who are you and why are we f**king?"

Our fantasy guest list for a celebrity-studded "Game of Thrones" finale party

Elijah Wood's guide to clean living: "The sensual things in life are what I’m attracted to"

"Yup, I'm sitting next to Sen. Rand Paul": Jeb Bush strategist trolls Rand on Twitter for entire flight to L.A.

"I'm going to go to the hospital now": Dave Grohl breaks leg, returns to finish Foo Fighters show

An open letter to whatever poor slob is stuck writing Bristol Palin's crappy Patheos blog

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Trickle-down's middle-class massacre: Failure of conservative economics should discredit these bankrupt ideas forever

Suspects open fire on officers outside Dallas Police HQ

Plutocrats torched the economy: Our new Gilded Age & the hollowing out of America's middle class

The perverse obsessions of right-wing patriarchal Christians

Bill Maher and Jeff Ross rip into Jerry Seinfeld's anti-PC tirade: "If Jerry Seinfeld is too politically incorrect for you, maybe you should look in the mirror"

Atmosphere: "This is the best job I've ever had"

We don't have to be monsters: The new neuroscience of genocide and mass murder

Bill Maher blasts McKinney pool party cop: This is the "high school loser" we need to weed out

The insidious corporate ploy crippling American labor

The Bible's racist monstrosities: How the "word of God" has been — and still is — used to oppress

"Let's just all thank #RachelDolezal": The celeb tweets that took Twitter by surprise

Viral rewind: Never forget the time Carly Fiorina called Barbara Boxer's hair "so yesterday"

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

The GOP's "Mad Max" fantasy: Lindsey Graham fires the latest shot in the war on women

White panic, white denial: The racial prehistory of the McKinney pool party that white America can't let go

America hates its whistle-blowers: The tortured legacy of Edward Snowden

Amy Schumer's one tweet that captures the Rachel Dolezal controversy

Fox News covers "Game of Thrones": People think the White Walkers are evil just because they're white!

What America's failing schools can learn from "Sesame Street"

Dave Eggers on working for justice through oral history: "There wasn’t much that allowed those people to seem fully human"