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Ben Carson slams "sickening" Black Lives Matter movement for "bullying people"

Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth are pretty laid-back about their rare on-screen romance: "I didn't have a sort of fist-pumping moment of, hey look at me, with the younger actor"

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Susan Sarandon on the feminist film front-line: On her new movie "About Ray," women in Hollywood, LGBT issues and the "neat little boxes" that no longer apply

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The big secret behind Bernie Sanders' surge in the polls

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GOP's Hispanic rebrand delusions: The party's problems go far beyond "tone"

Beware the Carly Fiorina hype: Why the GOP's other outsider is unlikely to dethrone Trump

Bernie Sanders shuts down Fox News' Jesse Watters: "I don't do ambush interviews"

Europe teeters on the edge: The refugee crisis shows the ravages of the war on terror

Larry Wilmore schools Donald Trump with a much-needed language lesson: "Face does not mean 'persona'"

The right's cynical, sinister shutdown plan: No one wants a shutdown -- except demolition-minded wingnuts, who always get their way

Bill Kristol loses it over Donald Trump: Vows he'd support third-party candidate -- and hopes it's Dick Cheney

Lane Bryant's #PlusIsEqual campaign: Selling you empowerment, one outfit at a time

The Donald Trump scandal he wants you to forget: Inside his despicable scheme to prey on the poor & make himself richer

Sarah Silverman pushes back against "creepy P.C. culture" backlash: "You have to listen to the college-aged, because they lead the revolution"

Liam Hemsworth on the end of "Hunger Games," the "Independence Day" reboot and collaborating with his brother Chris: "We'll probably only get one chance to do it"

5 new ways Pope Francis is sticking it to the Christian right

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