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The bad mother's last refuge: Smashing the cult of mommyhood

"The Affair's" real-estate porn: Class politics, twisted perspectives and New York's torrid romance with real estate

A double standard in enforcing prostitution laws: “It’s economically advantageous to have [high-end sex work] going on”

My mother let him rape me -- then stayed married to my dad

Def Leppard's Phil Collen: We had more in common with Duran Duran than Iron Maiden

This election is killing the planet: The complete & utter insanity of a campaign that ignores climate change

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Jeb is cooked: Why megadonors' millions (probably) aren't going to save Bush's disastrous campaign

5 worst right-wing moments of the week -- Sean Hannity is never more loathsome than right after a gun massacre

Robert Reich's dire warning: America's free-market obsession is "poisoning" our world

Marco Rubio's neocon cluelessness: Stop pretending he's a foreign policy whiz kid

Paul Krugman: "The GOP has become fossilized"

“Saturday Night Live” dares to ask: What if Hillary Clinton really is likeable?

Law firm representing Kim Davis declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center

Hear Pete Davidson's Robin Williams joke that was too hot for Comedy Central

Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins don't understand why people hate them

Hillary Clinton visibly outraged by GOP's admission that Benghazi hearings are political theater

Michael Moore: Lack of Hollywood diversity is “a form of Apartheid”

Mike Huckabee dismisses gun violence epidemic: "We have not so much a gun problem, we have a problem with sin and evil"

"Excuse me while I throw up": Twitter smacks down Cosmo for anointing the Kardashians “America’s First Family"

It's not just about guns: What the gun control debate exposes — and threatens — in our toxic white male culture of violence

"Yes, I drank the goat's blood": Libertarian senate candidate also promises a second Civil War if elected

Hillary Clinton loses her cool: The Savannah Guthrie question she needs a better answer for -- and fast

"The Beta Rebellion has begun": 4chan warnings about more school shootings aren't "satire" — they're sick

Oregon shooter's mother was an avid gun enthusiast who stockpiled weapons for fear of confiscation

John Oliver takes apart GOP's odious "mental health" cop-out

Donald Trump is poetic justice: How the GOP establishment's chickens are coming home to roost

"The Leftovers" relocates to Texas and finds hope — or something like it

"Nappy time!": Donald Trump retweets offensive attack ad on "little RUBE" Marco Rubio

"They will come in and spread lies": How organizers in Maine are preparing to take on the plutocracy

GOP's warped priorities: While they focus on Planned Parenthood, refugee crisis foreshadows a grim future under climate change

Going for the W? Having George W. Bush stump for Jeb is a horrible idea, says George W. Bush

Keeping up with my Kardashian obsession: Why no celebrity tell-all book can crack their iron-clad image

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Kevin McCarthy is a total dope: This bumbling yahoo is about to be second in line to the presidency

The "Today" show exposes the media's most asinine Hillary meme: Why their "likability" fixation misses the point

This is why the gun nuts win: An Oregon sheriff's nutty conspiracy theories explains the GOP's impotence

Bernie Sanders admits he initially mishandled Black Lives Matter: "I plead guilty -- I should have been more sensitive"

We have committed a war crime: "Patients were burning in their beds"