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U.S.-backed Saudi coalition restarts war in Yemen, killing 18 civilians in air strike on market

Petition calls for the Cincinnati Bengals to rename themselves the "Harambes"

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros: I was booted off air after complaining of Roger Ailes' sexual harassment

Groups tied to the Koch brothers lied to the IRS — and they’re paying for it

Family of Muslim "clock boy" suing Texas school district for discrimination

The end of the McConaissance: "Sea of Trees" star looks like a poor fit for the role

John Lewis marches on: "Our struggle is a struggle to redeem the soul of America"

Hopelessly divided? Think again: Republicans, Democrats aren't that different when it comes to big-picture issues

Obama's flimsy war justification: The president has relied on a 15-year-old law for launching attacks

The real threat to American sovereignty: Citizens United and global money influencing our politics

Radicals with badges: Mark Potok explains why renegade sheriffs are a growing threat in the U.S.

Sorry you lost your home: Americans deserve more than an apology for the foreclosure fraud epidemic

George P. Bush's shrewd move: His Trump backing is about one thing — keeping the GOP together

Trump's economic speech: Lots of goodies for the rich, with a hearty dose of gaffes

Preventing Trumpmageddon: Why a Donald Trump reboot still doesn't matter

Desperate Donald: He's plummeting in the polls, so he's turning up the trash talk

A lie enabled by the American corporate news media: "Decent" people do not support Donald Trump

Michael Phelps' #PhelpsFace nearly broke the Internet -- and rightly so

Sean Hannity refuses to let Trump move on, launches "investigation" into Gold Star parent Khizr Khan

WATCH: Can "Saturday Night Live" survive the departures of two of its most flexible cast members? We're about to find out

Gentrification heads north: Harlem's rich people problem, and how STEM education can solve it

Trump under fire from veterans: Matt Pelak discusses the Khan family and the meaning of military service

WATCH: First full-length "Luke Cage" trailer doesn't shy away from the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Normani Kordei's Twitter abuse: The troll problem keeps getting worse, especially for women and people of color

Poll: Melania Trump would be least popular first lady since ......... Hillary

Teaching kids empathy: In Danish schools, it's ... well, it's a piece of cake

"I think that my temperament has gotten me here”: Stop waiting, there will be no “new” Donald Trump

Trying to make America male again: Women control the ballot box — and angry, sexist Trump voters can't deal

Beware of the false reboot: Why Trump's latest "pivot" is a mirage

Wal-Mart purchases in yet another futile attempt to topple Amazon

Did Trump just threaten Hillary?: Says "Second Amendment people" ought to influence Clinton's SCOTUS nominees