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Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Remember when hackers only shared nude pics? Jennifer Lawrence's hacker gets sent to prison

BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: Joe Walsh, for clarifying that his gun tweet was actually a freedom tweet

Russia kicked off U.N. Human Rights Council, but Saudi Arabia was re-elected

"Finally justice can be served": Donald Trump, Republicans rejoice in idea the FBI may be investigating Hillary Clinton again

What is James Comey thinking?

Joe Biden forever! If he becomes secretary of state, we'll get to enjoy more of him

WATCH: Former FBI employee turns hostage takeover into business makeover

Kim Jong-il really wanted to vacation with Bill Clinton in North Korea, hacked emails reveal

WATCH: Black Donald Trump supporter, mistaken for protestor, gets escorted out of rally and called a "thug" by Trump

WATCH: "Black Mirror" creator calls our technology-driven society a multiplayer "video game"

The sound of New York rock: "Something that comes from the streets, and sounds like the streets"

Werner Herzog in North Korea: "We had a deeper understanding because of the quest for reunification"

Third Eye Blind's second act: Stephan Jenkins still living that semi-charmed rock life

WATCH: "Before the Flood" director on how "humanity is a mess" and why we can't ignore climate change

What would happen if nonvoters actually showed up? Hint: Republicans wouldn't be happy

The truth about "Christmas creep:" We complain about holiday shopping season starting in October — but we keep buying earlier and earlier

I’m with stupid: The entire 2016 election has been an insult to our intelligence

Liberals' blind faith: The silence on the misogyny in the Muslim world is deafening

Behind the myth of Elon Musk: Has the onetime Silicon Valley visionary lost his magic?

WATCH: Bill Maher: Millennials can't tell Trump, Clinton apart, but have 100 kinds of dance music

WATCH: Chelsea Handler on how Ivanka Trump could be a hero: "If my dad tried to run for office I would f**king stop him"

Anita Hill backs probe against Clarence Thomas

Pwned by Putin: How the Russian despot ruthlessly trolled our so-called democracy

How Donald Trump will spend the first 100 days after the election

Not quite the new "Mad Men": Amazon's "Good Girls Revolt" lets us know how far we haven't come