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Lawsuit accuses former Fox News anchor Ed Henry of rape and current top talent of sexual harassment

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What's the matter with Iowa? Gov. Kim Reynolds turns Hawkeye State into Trump's petri dish

Thousands of small business owners have not gotten crisis loans the government promised them

85 infants tested positive for COVID-19 in a single Texas county where at least one child died

We all know Donald Trump is preparing to rig or steal the election — but exactly how?

Jake Tapper calls out Fox News host Brian Kilmeade for sharing fake tweet linked to AOC: “Good Lord"

Leaked memo: Trump administration authorized domestic surveillance of protests to protect statues

Lifetime's "Surviving Jeffrey Epstein" trailer highlights survivors and Ghislaine Maxwell

Doctor who created cognitive test Trump brags about acing says questions were "supposed to be easy"

Feminists have warned us — and now another "men's rights activist" turns to murder

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A study that links solar activity to earthquakes is sending shockwaves through the science world

Hallmark Channel to finally add LGBTQ+ characters and stories to holiday features

A Pennsylvania fair held a transphobic dunk tank event mocking the state's secretary of health

Premature births have gone down during the pandemic — and doctors are baffled as to why