Andrea Germanos

Andrea Germanos is a senior editor and staff writer at Common Dreams.

Donald Trump
President Trump amplifies "Cowboys for Trump" founder's call to execute Democrats Andrea Germanos
Pro-Choice; Pro-Life; Activists
ACLU sues Food and Drug Administration over abortion care restrictions amid coronavirus pandemic Andrea Germanos
Elizabeth Warren; Joe Biden; Cory Booker; Amy Klobuchar; Pete Buttigieg; Kamala Harris; Bernie Sanders; Julian Castro; Beto O'Rourke; Andrew Yang
Elizabeth Warren tops MoveOn survey for Joe Biden's VP pick Andrea Germanos
Facebook : Illustration
Amid growing antitrust concerns, Facebook goes "faceless" in DC with new lobby group Andrea Germanos
COVID-19 test; drive-thru
Critics warn COVID-19 digital "privacy" bill is really "anti-privacy" bill in disguise Andrea Germanos
US President Donald Trump
Trump's inspector-general purge fuels Dems' call to fight corruption in next relief bill Andrea Germanos
Anthony Fauci; Donald Trump
Trump claims "you may not even have corona coming back." Dr. Fauci says "I am convinced" it will Andrea Germanos
Donald Trump
Trump blocks stimulus funding for millions of US citizens married to immigrants Andrea Germanos
Someone 'signing on'
Analysis: More workers filed for unemployment last week than any other in U.S. history Andrea Germanos
Mike Pompeo called out for threatening families of International Criminal Court staff Andrea Germanos
Coke Release, Steel Mill, Zug Island, Rouge and Detroit River
Detroit pauses water shutoffs amid coronavirus outbreak Andrea Germanos
AT&T strike CWA
As its workers fight for better wages, AT&T announces another $4 billion in stock buybacks Andrea Germanos
Climate protest Hamburg Germany
60,000-strong Fridays for Future protest in Hamburg, Germany prompts question: "Where are you, USA?" Andrea Germanos
Glacier Insects
Save the insects, save ourselves: Researchers sound the alarm on bugpocalypse Andrea Germanos
Women's March On Washington
50 women in U.S. House pen letter to Trump denouncing "continuing derogation of women" by president Andrea Germanos