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Compassion, not imperialism: Let's prove the critics wrong about America

Can Team Mitt take out Trump? Romney's former aides work to save the GOP from the Donald

John Oliver: If you're forced to rely on "hideously broken" public defender system, "you're f*cked"

Paul Krugman: The problem with the left is that moderates have abandoned it

Hillary Clinton's glaring vulnerability: Why Bernie Sanders must call out her militant foreign policy

A staggering number of Republicans believe President Obama is a Muslim

Young Brooklyn artist redefines the selfie in her new show: "It is not about vanity."

Drone filmmaking: "When people hear the word drone they think war, we're trying to associate it with art."

Kiernan Shipka on her horror flick "February" and those Sally Draper "Mad Men" spinoff rumors: "It’s not a thing"

Irrelevant Scott Walker hits new low: Why his latest assault on workers won't save his sinking campaign

Keith Ablow on "Fox & Friends": Kim Davis decision will "open the floodgates" to polygamous marriage

Miss America finally apologizes to Vanessa Williams -- but has the pageant really become more supportive of its women?

Ted Cruz doesn't need your liberally biased facts: The Planned Parenthood shutdown fight shows a movement at war with reality

California Governor Jerry Brown uses Twitter to school Ben Carson about the reality of global warming

"Back at square one": Defiant Kim Davis returned to work Monday and declared that she will continue not to do her job

Welcome to the un-Democratic Party: We need more debates -- for everyone's sake

"You're hired!": Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace Donald Trump as host of "The Celebrity Apprentice"

Publishing and the plutocracy: Relying on billionaires like the Kochs to survive is nothing to celebrate

Kim Davis wins her bigot medal: Conservative summit will honor anti-gay Kentucky clerk

Hillary is no lock, Bernie is no fluke: The Democratic race is wide open

When a sex worker is raped, it's rape — not "theft of services"