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Economic inequality is getting worse for black Americans: The wage gap is greater than it was in 1979

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The Muslim card: The "other" birther claim Trump is keeping in play

The hard truth about Terence Crutcher and Tulsa: What kind of white person do you want to be?

Attention Kmart shoppers: Who cheers when your brick-and-mortar stores close? Real estate investors

Michelle Obama: Melania Trump plagiarizing her speech "was tough"

Seth Meyers on Trump's reaction to Chelsea bombing: "Are you a presidential candidate or the old lady who lives across the hall from me?"

Pat McCrory's shifty gambit: N.C. governor tries to blame pro-gay laws for NCAA boycott

Salon's social bootcamp: "Mild friends" get married — how much present do you give?

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Donald Trump Jr. and the white nationalist alt-right: A pattern that goes way beyond coincidence

Trevor Noah debunks Trump Jr.'s Skittles analogy: "I've been trick-or-treating for years and I've never gotten Syrian refugees in my bag"

Charlotte erupts with protests after police kill disabled black man family says was "reading book in car"

Charlotte cops say they gave shooting victim Keith Lamont Scott multiple warnings: "The story's a little bit different"

Trump's idea of outreach to black voters is Don King dropping the N-word in a Cleveland church

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