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Alicia Machado isn't the only Miss Universe contestant to accuse Donald Trump of fat-shaming: "He put a lot of the girls down”

BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: Curt Schilling, for his zany train crash speculation

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The primal appeal of pimple-popping videos: Our obsession with gross anatomy has deep roots

Chris Gethard opens up: "I’ve spent too much time growing up feeling like I couldn’t talk about this stuff. And it almost killed me"

Breaking: "Cultural appropriation is not just appropriate — it is my birthright!": The Greatest Living American Writer

Gaby Hoffmann's radical bush: Let's chat about pubic hair with the cast of "Transparent"

Queer rights are human rights: Fighting for freedom is polarizing the world

Donald Trump hints he's going to talk about Bill Clinton's affairs

No more Miss Piggies: Donald Trump allegedly directed his staff to fire "unattractive" women

Meet Gary Johnson’s Koch-network money men: Throwing your vote (and values) away

Poison Ivy: Why Harvard and other elite universities get failing grades on their multibillion-dollar endowments

These jokes aren't funny anymore: Can we all agree now that the third-party candidates are useless?

Idiocracy now: Donald Trump and the Dunning-Kruger effect — when stupid people don't know they are stupid

Tim Burton's explanation for why his new movie is really white: "Things either call for things, or they don't"

Israel's "biggest dreamer": Bill Clinton praises Shimon Peres at former president's funeral

Fear is a great motivator: How to reconcile voting for Clinton while still supporting progressive candidates

Donald Trump goes on 3 a.m. tweetstorm to attack former Miss Universe Alicia Machado: "Check out [her] sex tape"

Hate, unleashed: How Donald Trump unleashed the right-wing bigots that the GOP once kept under control

Stephen Colbert hits Gary Johnson for his "Aleppo moment": "Bombing that bad should be a war crime"

Joe Biden is "surprised" Donald Trump is still a candidate: "I've never known of a candidate who knows as little about the world"

Donald Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich says Hillary Clinton mentioning Alicia Machado was "an ambush that was as false as Benghazi"

Thanks, Obama: Republicans blame the president for opening a can of worms by overriding his veto of 9/11 bill

Philippine president compares himself to Hitler: "I'd be happy to slaughter" drug addicts

Chicago Tribune endorses "agile, practical" Gary Johnson as USA Today decides not to endorse at all

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump's 3 a.m. Twitter tirade is his "Machado meltdown"

Hold your nose and choose: How do you vote when you don't like either candidate?

Howard Dean refuses to apologize to Trump: "There is something the matter with him"

Donald Trump's misogyny doesn't sleep: Tweeting sexist smears at 3 a.m. is super presidential

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The power of pop literature: Why we need diverse YA books more than ever

America's deadly gift: U.S. gave Saudi Arabia skin-burning white phosphorus. Questions remain about how it's being used in Yemen

Trump Foundation is no charity at all: New York AG says Trump lacks certification to collect funds

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Vice Media found, interviewed a real, non-racist adult with a Pepe the Frog hand tattoo

WATCH: Donald Trump answers for his "Mexican rapists" comments under oath