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The much-chattered about opening scene of "La La Land" telegraphs a thoroughly stunted message

Communication in America: How undocumented immigrants negotiate a place for themselves

"Because it's fear, after all, that kills us": Tori Amos released "Little Earthquakes" 25 years ago today

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Fargo police plan cultural training after sweat lodge arrest

Robert Reich: 7 warning signs present when tyrants try to hijack democracies

Opiate for the Masses: Jimmy Kimmel may be the right prescription for a politically charged Oscar night

Song and dance, protest and politics to mingle at Oscars

Real women are still expected to cook: From sitcoms to the Food Network, the "angel in the kitchen" pressure on women prevails

There's no going back: Racial, ethnic diversity is on the rise in American communities

Cater-waitering the Oscars: My glamorous night at the Academy Awards, feeding canapés to hungry stars

Immigration as "leverage against Muslims": Trevor Aaronson reveals FBI tactics on informants

Muhammad Ali's son detained at airport: 'Are you Muslim?'

Fox News' Swedish 'security advisor' has heads scratching

WATCH: Success after pro sports: Former NBA player Mark Blount gives tips for entrepreneurs

Robert Reich: A boycott is in order — we need to make it unprofitable to work with Trump

"Water is where I find my peace": Meet the master river pilot who conquers the Mississippi every day

Where do Democrats go from here? Look toward "Political Influencers" — who want them to stand up to Trump

America last: The case for moral disengagement from politics in the age of Trump

Rural America broadens our economic, intellectual, cultural diversity: We can't ignore its residents

The gentlemen farmers of Wall Street: How the profit motive has seized America's farmland

Should the U.S. maintain its alliance with Saudi Arabia? Unfortunately, we're stuck with them

At the altar of American greatness: David Brooks, Trump and the Church of America the Redeemer

Lawn and disorder: America's obsession with the perfect home lawn is terrible for the environment

Trump's punishment of the press is a gift to his supporters — and a hint of his re-election strategy

Family representative says Bill Paxton, who played an astronaut in "Apollo 13," has died from surgery complications

Hypocrites rising: Why are so many in the faux Resistance silent on Trump's Iran warpath?

More lessons from Dolly the sheep: Is a clone really born at age zero?

Total resistance or selective engagement? Economist Gerald Epstein on how progressives should counter Trumponomics

With "When We Rise," ABC gives viewers a noble if uneven portrait of the ongoing struggle for LGBT rights

Liberal activists, new DNC chief face a Trump-era reckoning

Look Again: The week's most compelling images from around the globe

Look Again: The week's most compelling images from around the globe

Beloved actor Bill Paxton is remembered on Oscar Sunday