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More than a dozen Trump associates had contact with Russia before inauguration

We've gone through the looking glass with Trump

Rubin: Trump will resign 10 minutes earlier than planned to give Pence the opportunity to pardon him

Trump claims that the court filings against Cohen "clear" him. They do not

Reminder: Deadline to sign up for Obamacare is December 15

Michael Bloomberg schools Meghan McCain on "The View": Supporting background checks is not anti-gun

Trump would be "in serious jeopardy of being charged" if he wasn't president, James Comey says

Alfonso Cuarón’s "Roma" is a masterpiece — see it in the theater if you can

Russia expert: Mueller's probe is also putting pressure on Vladimir Putin

Wisconsin's former Republican governor urges Scott Walker to veto GOP's power grab

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Neil Young decries "Massive F**kup" around Bob Dylan Hyde Park show

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Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi files a $350 million lawsuit against special counsel Robert Mueller

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Mark Meadows, leader of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus, wants to be Trump's chief of staff

The Internet discovers Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" stars in "Elf," and minds are blown

More than half of Americans still haven't had a flu shot this year: survey

He is West Virginia’s Speaker of the House — and a lawyer for natural gas companies

Robert De Niro’s long-wanted "Taxi Driver" sequel remains dead, even after "The Irishman"