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With 100,000 dead and 39 million out of work, Trump trolls the libs — and his fanboys love it

Kushner wants to remove word "freedom" from GOP platform in effort to appeal to black voters: report

"I'm not a racist": White woman apologizes after calling police on black birder in Central Park

Widower pleads with Twitter to delete Trump tweets claiming Joe Scarborough killed his late wife

Brian Kemp offers to “safely host” GOP convention in Georgia after COVID-19 cases spike over holiday

How Airborne Toxic Event's album "Hollywood Park" became the "soundtrack" to Mikel Jollett's memoir

McConnell won't renew bigger unemployment checks, because they "make it more lucrative not to work"

Trader Joe's workers who raised safety concerns are afraid of losing their jobs

Michigan lieutenant governor: Trump preparing to question legitimacy of results if he loses election