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Uber in talks to buy Postmates, consolidating the delivery service industry

New York judge temporarily blocks release of Mary Trump’s tell-all book about the president

"Throwing a hissyfit": Rand Paul criticized for accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci of promoting “undue fear”

Publisher of news outlet arranged for wife to have unpaid position in Melania Trump's office: report

President Trump is "near-sadistic" in phone calls with women leaders: report

Kayleigh McEnany paints devastating picture of President Trump — blinkered, ignorant, and bumbling

Jared Kushner is fighting to cut off daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings: report

25 steps to Trump’s re-election

As Fauci warns of 100,000 cases a day, Trump hotel fails coronavirus hygiene sting

Betsy DeVos cheers Supreme Court ruling that gives taxpayer money to religious schools

Progressive lawmakers call for suspending military aid to Israel if West Bank annexation goes ahead

My student comes home: A study in American injustice

COVID pandemic jeopardizes Medicaid expansion

On the phone with foreign leaders, Trump is "delusional" and "uninformed": Who'd a thunk it?

Brad Parscale used Trump campaign funds to run ads on his personal Facebook page: report

Harvey Weinstein survivors awarded $19 million settlement

"The people have spoken": Thwarting GOP push for cuts, Oklahoma voters approve Medicaid expansion

Mark Cuban mocks Sean Hannity for giving Trump "the ultimate softball question" on Fox News

Fox News host Ed Henry fired after sexual misconduct allegation made by former colleague

Jeff Sessions calls renowned Black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. “some criminal”

It's going to be a long four months: Trump and Fox News just keep ramping up the racism

“Black clients love us”: St. Louis lawyer who aimed gun at protesters tells Fox News he isn't racist

Why labor unions make people less racist

With Facebook hemorrhaging advertisers, CEO agrees to meet with boycott organizers

Former CEO of troubled trucking company that got huge COVID loan is now on USPS board