Colin Fleming

Colin Fleming's fiction appears in Harper's, Commentary, AGNI, Cincinnati Review, and VQR, with nonfiction work running in Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian, among many other publications. He's a regular guest on NPR's Weekend Edition and various radio programs and podcasts, and is the author of The Anglerfish Comedy Troupe: Stories from the Abyss. A collection called Buried on the Beaches: Cape Stories for Hooked Hearts and Driftwood Souls, and volume looking at 1951's Scrooge as a horror film, are due in 2018. He is presently completing a number of projects: a memoir called Many Moments More: A Story About the Art of Endurance; Same Band You've Never Known, an alternative musical history of the Beatles; and Musings with Franklin, a novel told entirely in conversation in a bar between Writer, Bartender, and the pervy guy from the suburbs who dresses up as Ben Franklin. Find him on the web at

Yellow Submarine
Still from
Yardbirds '68 by The Yardbirds
Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles
Ella Fitzgerald
The Rolling Stones
Orson Welles in
The Jam
Can’t stop jamming Colin Fleming
The Beatles
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Anne Cornwall and Buster Keaton in
Billie Holiday