Scott Porch

Scott Porch is an attorney and contributor to The Daily Beast, Kirkus Reviews, and Salon. He writes about American history, politics, and culture and is writing a book about social upheaval in the 1960s and '70s. Twitter: @scottporch

Cameron Crowe's living soundtrack: "For my scenes, he would do a Bob Dylan song or an Elvis Costello song" Scott Porch
Tony Shalhoub
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Donald Trump, Richard Nixon
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Donald Trump
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Rachel Bloom
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7 Days in Hell
The Wimbledon we wish we could see: "SNL" directing alum brings Kit Harington and Andy Samberg together for epic tennis mockumentary Scott Porch
Bob Newhart
Bob Newhart on his groundbreaking sitcom: "We were taking the stigma off psychiatrists and psychologists" Scott Porch
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