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Colorado Springs: A dead soldier, a fallen idol and a skunk

A quiet day for the president

Election Day on Fox: Threats from terrorists and the transgendered

Touch-screen voting glitches in Florida

Pennsylvania: Faulty machines, closed polls in black neighborhoods

Election 2006: The 10 worst political ads

GOP claims voting problems in Ohio. Is it a concession?

Hewitt: Santorum's going to need lots of lawyers!

Emanuel's superstitions, Schumer's faith

A case for parental notification

A song for Ted Haggard

Will high turnout help Democrats?

Exit polls: All politics aren't local

The GOP's apprentice in Pennsylvania's 13th

For the GOP, it's fraud, not festivities

"This gay stuff has gotta stop"

More exit polls, more bad news for the GOP

Exit polls? A big night for Democrats, if you think they're real

Dirty family politics in Tennessee

Big turnout in Virginia?

Cat bites voting machine

Exit polls: An interpretation and a caveat

High turnout in Missouri makes Democrats sweat

"Burns is the devil we know"

First reports from the "coal mine"

In Ohio, the end of the road for Ken Blackwell

Virginia: First results give Webb small lead

A late night in Pennsylvania

Virginia Senate: Welcome to the back-and-forth

A wave in the "coal mine"?

Ohio polls open late

In the Senate, two contested races go to the Democrats

In Ohio, another Senate pickup for the Democrats

Fed up

The Foley effect? A close race in Florida, so far

In Connecticut, CNN calls it for Lieberman

In Maryland, a win on defense for the Democrats

Rhode Island: CNN says it's another pickup for Democrats

Once more into the coal mine

Republicans are getting wet, but it's not a wave yet

In a nail-biter, Allen leads Webb, barely

A "disappointing" night for Republicans

A key defeat in Kentucky

Montana cops for Tester

A recount in Virginia?

Network projections: Democrats will take the House

Maybe no one could have predicted it

With Virginia tight, eyes turn to Montana, Missouri and Maryland

CNN: South Dakota abortion ban going down

The lonely little party

What else we're reading: Election edition

Can the Dems still take the Senate?

The Hillary factor

Webb: "The votes are in, and we won"

In Missouri, McCaskill takes a lead

The Dems do a victory lap

In DeLay country, the pendulum swings

Schumer sees the Senate going Dem

Daily Download: "Brittle Britches," Quien es, BOOM!

I want to carry a child for my sister


Talent concedes Missouri

"The Democrats are ready to lead"

The Fix

A new contract with America

"It's Chinese or something"

Democrats on the edge of Senate control

Razor-thin still cuts it

Matthews on Hillary: Good point, then a weird point

Where things stand

An olive branch or a stick in the eye?

Dirty tactics fail in Missouri

The morning after: Righty bloggers react

Allen's last gasps

The curse of Bush

The morning after: The GOP reacts

Democrats: We won. Republicans: Wait

What now?

Pelosi's first press conference

AP: Tester wins Montana

Rumsfeld resigns

Answered prayers?

The meaning of Pombo

The Dems' other big win

Bush on the vote: "A thumpin'"