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Kung fu crime-fighting: Nunchucks-wielding California cops expected to be less lethal, more Bruce Lee

Censored UN paper calling for decriminalization marks beginning of the end of drug war as we knew it

Bob Schneider's rabid Taylor Swift jealousy: "It’s so great I want to hate her. I want to hate everybody. It’s so f**ked up. Especially if they’re more successful than me"

The pedophile I could not help: He was not a monster or a molester. The system destroyed him anyway

Greil Marcus on music writing through 5 presidencies, fighting the Gorgon of Thatcherism and getting to the heart of the "authorless song"

9 interesting facts about sex in the animal kingdom

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Stephen Colbert to Hillary Clinton: I didn't like you very much on my old show

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Arne Duncan's Race to the Bottom: Our national test fixation isn't just bad for kids -- it doesn't even work

Hillary isn't scared anymore: Clinton clicks with Colbert, finally, and finds her most confident TV self

Exclusive: Larry Wilmore and Rand Paul blow each other's minds prepping for the debate in Colorado, where "there's a good chance one of the moderators will be high”

Prominent Florida newspaper blasts Marco Rubio for missing Senate votes: "Either do your job or resign"

Lena Dunham can relate to Jennifer Lawrence's "f*ck that" wage gap stand: "I didn’t want to be perceived as a b*tch or a diva"

Jason Chaffetz's latest wild goose chase: House GOP files impeachment articles against IRS commissioner

Don't let the trolls win: SXSW needs to make its events "civil and respectful," not duck the online abuse conversation

Nutscaping, the latest selfie trend: Dudes shoot their balls inside beautiful landscapes — because they can

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The assault at Spring Valley High School was not an isolated event: Watch 7 extremely disturbing cases of police brutality against young people

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Steve Jobs didn't build that: The truth about the Mac empire you won't learn from his biopic

Your school is becoming a police state: The shocking, Orwellian rise of "school resource officers"

Beyonce is the biggest "Hamilton" fan: "There is no straight male equivalent for the ecstasy of Beyonce telling you 'I love your walk'"

Paul Ryan's favorite welfare myth gets torn to shreds: Now the GOP candidates must answer for it

Just as "Saturday Night Live" predicted, Wes Anderson wants to make a horror film

Behind the horror - what you didn't know about your favorite scary movies

"It just felt so good. I mean, it felt—it felt so good": Jared Fogle reportedly caught boasting on horrific audio tapes

Wil Wheaton is right: Stop expecting artists to work for free — or worse, for "exposure"

U.S.-backed Saudi coalition bombs Doctors Without Borders hospital weeks after U.S. destroyed Afghan hospital

Second student arrested for filming classroom takedown describes officer's reputation: "He's known as Officer Slam around our school"

David Vitter is a cheap political prostitute: Even Louisiana racists smell the desperation in his foul new campaign ad

Kasich's exasperated howl: Fading in the 2016 polls, Ohio's governor lashes out at the GOP

Don Lemon doubles down on dumb, still unsure if Spring Valley video captures excessive force

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