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John McCain follows Trump's lead: President Obama is "directly responsible" for Orlando shooting

So much for Hugh Hewitt's plan to defeat Donald Trump: "The GOP can’t afford to abandon a Trump candidacy," the pundit now says

If Zeppelin did steal "Stairway": "It would be like finding out the Beatles didn’t write 'Sgt. Pepper'”

President Obama keeps focus on guns in Orlando: "Why is it they think our liberty requires these repeated tragedies"

In fiction, anyone can be a protagonist: "I don't understand this desire to only read about people who are like oneself"

Coming out saves lives: The deadly potential of internalized homophobia is all too real

Dark times ahead in Litchfield: "Orange Is the New Black" returns with its most challenging season yet

Amy Schumer to cut scenes of gun violence from upcoming film in wake of Orlando massacre

5 surprising cities where gentrification is displacing the poor

Fox News' unholy war on Islam: Rudy and the gang pine for the days of George W. Bush

Noam Chomsky: The War on Terror is the new Cold War

"We’re officially living in a new world": Antarctica hits CO2 high unseen in 4 million years

Clinton to borrow Obama's Romney playbook against Trump: It's smart, but hardly necessary

Little reality in Trump TV: Experts say the GOP nominee's reported desire to start a network is a pipedream

Ted Cruz's awful terrorism speech: The 2016 drop-out has some terrible opinions about fighting extremism

Republicans in denial: They still can't accept that years of festering racism made Trump 2016 possible

Anti-Trump groups among those receiving convention permits

LEADING OFF: Tigers' Fulmer tries to extend shutout streak

Paul Krugman: The "free-market fantasy" has "always and everywhere proved delusional"

Sorry, Gary Johnson: The libertarian movement is fringe and it will remain fringe

David Brooks: Obama's "decision to dance around" the reality of jihadism is "driving people to Donald Trump"

How did we ever get by without Seth Meyers? Watch his brilliant take on the gun control battle and Sen. Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy to Morning Joe panel: "Even Republicans get" that no progress will occur until they rip veto power away from the NRA

"I can't even watch porn without lying about my age": Trevor Noah on the absurd ease of buying guns in the internet

WATCH: Fox News contributor claims imposing regulations on assault rifles is the real "War on Women"

WATCH: Stephen Colbert tells plagiarists Led Zeppelin the brutal truth: "You're screwed!"

"Is this what you want your legacy to be?": Watch Hasan Minhaj blast D.C. pols to their faces over gun control

This is what a veteran looks like: Female vets still struggle for visibility — even as we get closer to adding women to the draft

The AR-15 has to go: Sorry, Jon Stokes, but your toy isn't more important than people's lives

"Finding Dory" is more than just another Pixar cartoon: It's a powerful portrayal of living with a learning disability

The movie Jerry Lewis never wanted anyone to see: You can now watch 30 mins of "The Day the Clown Cried"

Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp: Divorce, domestic violence, and the shifting economy of marriage

The Led Zeppelin "Stairway" trial is a Cameron Crowe movie just waiting to be made

The Putin-Trump love fest continues: The Russian president reaffirms his praise for the GOP front-runner

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson can't be more clueless: "Nonsense debates about gun control" are "distracting the American public," he says

Sanders vows to continue political revolution, says defeating Trump is not enough — we must "transform America"

Send in the abortion drones: We could use this Irish pro-choice tech protest here in the U.S., too

Fox News host Bret Baier "grills" the Dalai Lama: "Have you ever seen the movie 'Caddyshack'?"