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"These fatal shootings are not isolated incidents": President Obama responds to Alton Sterling, Philando Castile shooting deaths

"It is so painful": Black lawmakers use GOP grilling of FBI director to highlight police shootings

The digital media age is all about the past: "The Internet is not an extension of television"

Phil Robertson's hate speech continues: Why won’t A&E take a stand against its “Duck Dynasty” star?

"I’m not ready for the dirt nap yet": How Toto outlasted the haters, took back their career and won over a new generation

Unexpected side effects of popping pills: Research shows common painkillers can reduce empathy

Abraham Lincoln's lesson for Trump: America's at its best when we respect individual dignity

Trump's populist lie: Republicans are denouncing him, average working Americans are fooled by him

Ryan's clown act: He is a right-wing raver, not the honorable statesman he pretends to be

Hillary's awful week: She won't be indicted, but the damage is done

The GOP's show trials: Grilling James Comey begins the next phase of an unending scheme to break Hillary

Criminalizing the hustle: Policing poor people’s survival strategies from Eric Garner to Alton Sterling

Carnage in America: From Dallas to St. Paul — the infinite cycle of gun violence and tragedy

UPDATED: 5 Dallas police officers killed, 6 injured in sniper attack at protest

Email to Clinton: U.S. pressured Iraq to increase oil production "to pay the greatest dividends"

Paul Krugman: The GOP's racism is just a sideshow — Republicans accept Trump because he'll further enrich the already wealthy

WATCH: Fox News sends serial harasser Jesse Watters to UNC to ask female students about microaggressions

Twitter conservatives blame media, Obama, and #BlackLivesMatter for #DallasPoliceShooting

Dallas shooting suspect killed by "bomb robot," police say

Trevor Noah on police-involved shootings: "You shouldn't have to choose between the police and the citizens that they are sworn to protect"

Conservative media and pundits can't wait to turn Dallas police shootings into "war"

“Mr. Rogers with Dreadlocks”: A grieving community remembers police shooting victim Philando Castile

Report: Afghanistan veteran, black militant identified as Dallas police shooting suspect

"Justice will be done": President Obama, party leaders respond to tragedy in Dallas

The vicious dialectic of violence and retaliation: A plea for dialogue and peace after Dallas

How to be a white ally: Fighting racism is your responsibility — start now

Racial injustice, anger and the power of visibility: "In order to have change, things have to get worse"