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More troops in Syria: Trump orders boots on the ground to battle ISIS

We miss you, Biggie: The Notorious B.I.G. remains hip-hop's greatest storyteller 20 years after his death

GOP's health care tax swindle: Tax cuts for the rich financed by taking coverage from everyone else

Jeff Sessions may order independent investigation of Barack Obama's Department of Justice

WATCH: Tucker Carlson slams Paul Ryan for health care bill that will "send more money" to richest Americans

"It's like kumbaya": President Trump strikes different tone with CEOs in closed-door meetings

Melting ice is the new drying paint: HBO sets "Game of Thrones" season 7 premiere inside a stubborn frozen block

Fox settles with contributor who claims former executive tried to pressure her into performing oral sex

Twitter has other plans for Paul Ryan's AHCA Powerpoint

Sean Hannity asks WikiLeaks to confirm his Russia-CIA conspiracy theory

Some of Steve Bannon's biggest intellectual influences are fascists and white supremacists

The Alex Jones influence: Trump's "deep state" fears come from his conspiracy theorist ally and adviser

"He wants to destroy himself and the world": Stars Tom Cullen and Tatiana Maslany talk about "The Other Half"

"In the world of squatter settlements, there has been quite a bit of violence over the past decades": Director Sebastian Cordero talks about “Such is Life in the Tropics”

WATCH: Modern Slavery in America

Once more, with feeling: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" turns 20, but her ability to resonate is timeless

WATCH: Tillerson recuses himself from Keystone pipeline decision

Freaky February: Last month's spring-like warmth was a product of climate change

Can the government save money by privatizing prisons, Medicare and other functions?

6 reasons why Trump is too weak to save American jobs

Steve Bannon's betrayal of Breitbart: White House at "war" with right-wing site over immigration and Trumpcare

Anti-fascist radicals: Liberals don't realize the serious danger of the alt-right

Trump's alleged computer server connection with a Russian bank continues to be investigated

Oh, Barack Obama — the Republican Party just can’t quit you

Trump’s immigration executive orders: The demise of due process and discretion

Republicans loot the palace: GOP's plan to govern looks a lot like the way it "rebuilt" Iraq

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel reveals the most and least sexually diseased states in the U.S.

Something was missing from cable news' discussions about Trump's immigration ban

Pre-emptive strike: White House slams CBO in before American Health Care Act score is released

Trump's bubble presidency: He's living a sheltered life in the White House, Mar-a-Lago

Rules be damned: Republicans in the Senate want to forego rules to repeal Obamacare

Trump: In touch with reality TV, but not quite reality

Not a jobs truther anymore: Trump, Republicans gloat about jobs numbers he used to deride

Meet the hundreds of officials Trump has quietly installed across the government

The president who loved generals: Trump's foreign policy will be led by the military, not diplomats

Bill Clinton denounces Donald Trump's nationalism: "It’s like we’re all having an identity crisis at once"

Trump supporters call for "liberal genocide" and deportation of Jews at Arizona rally

White evangelicals say Christians face more persecution than Muslims: Poll

Tax relief not needed: How large corporations use tax laws to minimize their taxes

WATCH: From virgin vegetarian to sexual cannibal

The Trump bump: People are going out to "buy Ivanka's stuff"