March 28, 2017 Archive March 2017

Heritage Foundation alum critical of transgender rights to lead HHS Civil Rights Office

With an approval rating of 36 percent, President Trump points to executive orders as wins

Jeff Sessions announces sanctuary-city crackdown, which most Americans oppose — a distraction from Trumpcare disaster?

"Cash Cab," the best game show to take place in a taxi, is coming back to TV

Brexit engineer Nigel Farage hired to promote effort to break California in two

Why higher interest rates should make you happy

"I can't play a nerd": Ross Butler plays Reggie on "Riverdale"

Crime and no punishment: New PBS documentary series shows there is no justice for war criminals

Forget Snoop Dogg's Trump clown: This anti-Trump hip hop video is radical, thought-provoking and wildly popular

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Confirmation bias? Trump's torrent of lies has an insidious effect on the psyche

Mississippi learning: Moving beyond Betsy DeVos' "school choice" trap

Migration crisis: Communities retreat as oceans swell, coasts erode

Russia's cyberwar against America isn't over — and the real target is democracy

Trail of broken promises: Donald Trump's lengthening list of empty lies and idle boasts

From health care to tax reform: Paul Ryan's empty-suit act is about to get worse

Donald Trump rehashes debunked conspiracy theories, attacks Republicans in Monday night tweetstorm

WATCH: Stephen Colbert throws Trumpcare into the "cabinet of broken Republican dreams"

The Trump House, season 3: Who needs Netflix when you have The Donald in Washington?

Golden boy tarnished: Trump keeps giving Jared Kushner more jobs — but is he any good at any of them?

Donald Trump proposes spending nearly $1 billion to build 50 miles of his border wall

WATCH: Eric Bogosian indicts irresponsible media: "Rush Limbaugh is a criminal"

Devin Nunes in the crosshairs: Dems call on Intelligence chair to step down, as accusations fly about political motivations

Senate Republicans are prepared to go nuclear if Democrats try to block Neil Gorsuch nomination

The end of climate progress: Trump administration plans to gut climate funding

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Trump administration prevented Sally Yates from testifying about Donald Trump's Russia links: report

Coming off health care defeat, President Trump and the GOP have no idea what to do next

Paul Krugman: Here's how we fix America's health care system

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Bill O'Reilly on Maxine Waters: "I didn't hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig"

Here's what the Trump White House wants to cut to fund his border wall, military spending spree

Milwaukee journalists: Sheriff David Clarke is “missing in action”

Coal CEO gets real on Trump's coal jobs promise: "He can’t bring them back"

Danger, Yogi: Republicans intentionally make it legal to hunt hibernating animals

"Inspector Clouseau investigation": Lindsey Graham chides Devin Nunes' "bizarre" leadership of Trump-Russia probe

GOP's ghoulish Obamacare plan: Stung by defeat, Republicans root for the health insurance market's collapse

Voice of the "people": Bernie Sanders will headline progressive People's Summit in June

Donald Trump refuses to prove to America that he can throw a baseball better than Barack Obama

Adequately monitoring Mar-a-Lago guests is an impossible task for the Secret Service

Bill O'Reilly apologizes to Rep. Waters for his "jest about her hair," wants to talk about political correctness

Democrats call for investigation into Steven Mnuchin's "Lego Batman" movie plug