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"Beachgate": Hudson County attorney files ethics complaint against Chris Christie for using closed beach

Betsy Devos sued by 18 states for rescinding rules to protect students from for-profit college scams

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GM to Colombian workers injured on the job: You’re on your own

Single-payer falls short in California, at least for now — and activists are pissed

Latest Republican health care tactic: A sneak attack on people with pre-existing conditions

Trump's Russia lies keep on coming — and so do his hollow, hypocritical attacks on Obama

"Coverage gap" for poor may end, but many will still have trouble affording plans

America is suffering from a plague of deadly, unaccountable and racist police violence

Maine Gov. Paul LePage suggests he pushes out fake news to "vile," "useless" media

Russian hackers are alleged to be targeting nuclear power plants

WATCH: Stop saying you "believe" in climate change

The hidden, vast cruelty of this health care bill: An attack on care for the elderly, disabled and most vulnerable

Vladimir Putin's meeting with Donald Trump will change nothing

Departing ethics director denounces President Donald Trump's conflicts of interest

"Here's a little economics lesson": Rick Perry fails to explain supply and demand

Rachel Maddow warns: People are trying to fool the media with forged documents

Andrew Garfield swallows own foot, says he's gay, "just without the physical act"

ICE officers are being told to be on the lookout for all undocumented immigrants they see

Sheila Michaels, champion of "Ms.," changed the world with "two consonants and a period"

GOP senator: We haven't replaced Obamacare because we never thought Trump was going to win

Jay-Z accused of using anti-Semitic lyrics in "4:44" song "The Story of O.J."

The American labor market added 222,000 jobs last month

Fox Business Network suspends Charles Payne after sexual harassment allegation

Lena Dunham's feud with with animal shelter veers into "alternative facts"

Donald Trump meets Vladimir Putin, and something may have come out of it

A Muslim activist is under attack because her critics don't know what "jihad" actually means

Tupac letter suggests race led to his breakup with Madonna

Martha Stewart drops N-bomb during a taping of her show with Snoop Dogg

Alex Jones is freaking out about "humanoids" who are "80 percent gorilla, 80 percent pig"

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