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James Mangold issues warning: Directors will stop making blockbusters if fans keep attacking

Should you let your dog lick your face?

“That’s a bad lie!": Sarah Sanders called out for blaming Kelly's grimace on lack of a hot breakfast

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Justice Brett Kavanaugh, liberal hero? OK, probably not — except maybe on campaign finance reform

This plasma lighter flashlight combo is a summer essential

A leftist wins in Mexico and mainstream media is spooked: Will he be bad for capitalism?

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Boys in a Thai cave: The positive power of globalism

Donald Trump threatens Theresa May; Republicans stage Peter Strzok circus: A day of total madness

Watch Stephen Colbert's hilarious re-enactment of FBI agent Peter Strzok's insane House hearing

After embarrassing Theresa May in interview with The Sun, Trump apologizes to her

Mueller probe indicts 12 Russian intelligence officers as Trump meets with Queen Elizabeth

Donald Trump vs "antifa": This administration has limitless contempt for the rule of law

Retired Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters: Trump is "enamored and fearful of Vladimir Putin"

Mira Sorvino claims a Hollywood casting director gagged her with a condom when she was 16 years old

What if Brett Kavanaugh votes to overturn Roe v. Wade: 22 states are ready to ban abortion

Justice for Emmett Till: Jeff Sessions reopens historic lynching case

Conservative MP says Donald Trump has been compromised by Kremlin

Major U.S. defense contractor quietly detains dozens of immigrant children

U.S. regulator: Drunk driving is a bigger worry that driverless cars

Fox News poll brings bad news for Republicans

CNN panel appalled at Trump's statement on meeting Putin

Keanu Reeves on making "Siberia," a movie set in Russia that's not about politics

Even Fox News and Meghan McCain did not back the "terrible" attacks the GOP hurled at Peter Strzok

What happens when Assad wins the war in Syria?

Women awarded $4.7 billion in Johnson & Johnson baby-powder lawsuit

Scarlett Johansson withdraws from "Rub and Tug" amid backlash over her "insensitive" casting

"We have come to take your daughter": An immigrant parent's traumatic separation from her child