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Bill Barr suggests that China poses more of a threat to election security than Russia

Trump orders federal agencies to "defund" cities with protests against police violence: report

Omar, Tlaib join calls for Joy Reid apology after comment comparing Trump to "violent" Muslim leader

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Trump punishes International Criminal Court for investigating potential US war crimes in Afghanistan

40 of Trump's biggest broken promises

Trump may have "committed a felony" by telling supporters to commit voter fraud: "Do NOT vote twice"

Cuomo says Trump "better have an army" to come to NYC after labeling it an "anarchist jurisdiction"

Trump has a plan to steal the election — in fact, he has a bunch of them

Martha McSally down 17 points in new Fox News poll showing Democrats surging in key states

Ridley Scott's new series "Raised by Wolves" imagines a bleak future for humanity – and android moms

David Graeber, author of "Debt" who coined the term "bullsh*t jobs," dies at 59

Charlie Kaufman's exasperating "I'm Thinking of Ending Things" could've been a masterpiece

Dwayne Johnson reveals he and his family tested positive for coronavirus

"No Time to Die" new trailer: Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie debuts explosive footage

Robert Pattinson tests positive for coronavirus, halting "The Batman" production

Disney's disjointed "Mulan" remake is obsessed with the concept of "ch'i" but can't find its own

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Gravitational wave telescopes have revealed a long-predicted, new class of black hole

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