Daniel Denvir

Daniel Denvir is a writer at Salon covering criminal justice, policing, education, inequality and politics. You can follow him at Twitter @DanielDenvir.

Man talks to a relative at a wall separating Mexico and the United States,
New hope for undocumented immigrants: DAPA might not be dead — a bold legal strategy could protect millions from deportation Daniel Denvir
Border Agent
Crossing the line: Yes, border officials and the FBI can — and do — rely on racial profiling Daniel Denvir
Haiti Hurricane Matthew
Deportation to a disaster zone: Obama under pressure to stop crackdown on Haitian migrants as Hurricane Matthew wreaks havoc on island Daniel Denvir
Hillary Clinton
Neoliberal Clinton is the Left's best bet: Democrats, not Republicans or Trump, expose the establishment's limits Daniel Denvir
We're all being used: No, it’s not immoral to use illegal drugs — because it’s the war on drugs that’s to blame Daniel Denvir
Donald Trump
"I built an unbelievable business": The myth of Donald Trump and why small business owners love a guy who stiffs them Daniel Denvir
Crime Scene Investigators
If the evidence is unfit, you must acquit: Prosecutors are fighting to keep flawed forensic evidence in the courtroom Daniel Denvir
Edward Snowden
Betraying Snowden: There's a special place in journalism hell for The Washington Post editorial board Daniel Denvir
Donald Trump
The worst kind of cop out: Of course the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Trump Daniel Denvir
Barbara Lee
Barbara Lee: The bad news is perpetual war. The good news is that the left is stronger than ever. Daniel Denvir
Bernie Sanders Supporters
What would Mother Jones do? Probably not bash idealistic young leftists Daniel Denvir
Black Lives Matter Protester
Beware the murder stats: Why the right will use them to smear Black Lives Matter and how the left can fight back Daniel Denvir
Donald Trump
Actually, many Trump voters are in one basket and it's both racist and economically frustrated Daniel Denvir
The New York Times gives GOP Zika obstruction and anti-Planned Parenthood crusade a pass Daniel Denvir
Nina Turner
Nina Turner: Reflections on the political revolution’s past and future Daniel Denvir