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Rapists should not get custody

ESPN sportswriter Chris Broussard: Jason Collins is "walking in open rebellion to God"

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My lover, my client

Jason Collins: Black -- and gay -- like me

Colbert Busch goes there in debate with Sanford

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GOP creates Ted Cruz, now thinks he's a jerk

Palestinian killed in Israeli airstrike

A "Gossip Girl" star becomes Jeff Buckley: "I was not his most rabid fan"

FDA to investigate added caffeine in foods

13 killed in Damascus bombing, reports Syrian TV

Property of Bangladesh building owner to be seized

Jason Collins calls coming out "mind-boggling" experience

Poll: Americans still don't want to intervene in Syria

Amanda Knox to Diane Sawyer: "I'd like to be reconsidered as a person"

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's requests for lawyer were ignored

Anthony Weiner is raking it in as a corporate consultant

FBI looking into McDonnell's ties to donor

Must-see morning clip: Jon Hamm announces marriage to Aasif Mandvi

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"Kinky Boots" leads 2013 Tony Award nominations

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Stop mocking Adam Holland

Navy sends extra medics to deal with Gitmo hunger strikers

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Texas AG rules domestic partnership benefits violate state constitution

Saudi Arabia launches first anti-domestic violence campaign

Breast cancer awareness is big business

Cosmarxpolitan: Sex advice from Karl Marx

"Love Is All You Need": Pierce Brosnan's lovely, lightweight rom-com

The Department of iPhone Security

Government preparing to fine tech firms that don't comply with wiretaps

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First "ag-gag" charges brought ... and then dropped