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American Apparel mannequins now have pubic hair

The New York Times' piece on Aaron Schock's quasi-outing never mentions Aaron Schock

States find terrifying ways around lethal injection shortages

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Breaking: N.J. Senate will subpoena David Samson and Regina Egea in Bridge-gate probe

Republican lawmaker uses "thoughts of God himself" in speech denouncing abortion

Ted Nugent writes insanely racist Op-Ed about the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

California Republican Tim Donnelly releases one of the strangest ads ever

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback compares abortion to slavery

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NSA defenders' shameless "national security" bait and switch

"SNL" finalist on audition: "It was such a historic moment"

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"You can't have it both ways": Green groups break with Obama over hypocritical energy policy

Influential GOP Sen. Tom Coburn is calling it quits

D.C. is riddled with natural gas leaks

Report: Christie demanded Port Authority job be created for bridgegate suspect

Ted Cruz, suddenly the GOP's biggest loser

Your iPhone is ruining your sleep

Obama announces NSA reforms

Vladimir Putin to gay Russians: "Leave the children in peace"

Must-see morning clip: Stephen Colbert wants to fix the NSA surveillance program with (surprise) more spying!

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"Duck Dynasty" season premiere sees a 28 percent ratings drop

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"The worst drought California has ever seen" is now an official emergency

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Virginia no longer plans to make oral sex between 17-year-olds a felony