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"Total bro colony collapse": Organic company trolls bros in new PSA

Conservative civil war: Islamophobic activist seeks to oust Grover Norquist from NRA board

Don't go, Iggy Azalea!: The rap star quits Twitter because it's making her "an angry person"

Major dietary guidelines report recommends decreasing meat consumption

Dan Aykroyd: How about a "Ghostbusters 3" that's a little more "conventional"?

Catholic school asks elementary students if their sex partners are using artificial birth control, having abortions

How the Dow Jones industrial average fared on Thursday

"Going Clear" trailer: A first look at the documentary that has Church of Scientology up in arms

The Atlantic's big Islam lie: What Muslims really believe about ISIS

Bill O'Reilly's war lies exposed: How the cable news bloviator exaggerated his "war zone" experience

"American Sniper" is not a war movie: It's a classic revisionist western, and one of Eastwood's finest

Sex orgies of the 1 percent: What really happens when the rich and powerful gather for group sex

"Birdman" vs. "Boyhood": The Oscars race to save Hollywood's soul

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What color am I, mommy?

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Big Oil's explosive week: Two disasters reveal the dangers of America's energy boom

"50 Shades" of Confederate grey: Why the Christian right is losing power over Southern morality

"My first impulse is to call you a dumb Obama ass-licking c**t": "American Sniper" fans tell me off

Clinton's donor mess: The Clinton Foundation's fundraising is a big problem for Hillary

ISIS ground war insanity: GOP hopefuls -- and a new poll -- frighten

This is why they hate us: Fox News, drones, "American Sniper" and the gross face we show the world

Nicholas Kristof's pathetic mea culpa: Why the columnist's union U-turn is so unsatisfying

Neil Patrick Harris is the best award show host of all time: Here's why he'll nail his first Oscars night

"Be very, very afraid": Paul Krugman on the GOP's scary economic "experts"

Don Lemon says "bulls**t" on air, quickly apologizes

The "Broad City" girls do hilarious micro-impressions of Nicki Minaj and Rose from "Titanic"

Meanest doctor in Michigan dumps baby patient of lesbian moms on religious grounds

Rudy Giuliani, same as he ever was: Why his deranged Obama comments are perfectly in character

Giuliani doubles down on Obama insanity: Blames "communist" grandfather for anti-Americanism

Less meat, more veggies: Big Food is freaking out about the "nonsensical" new dietary guidelines

Oklahoma lawmakers push to prevent people with STDs from getting married

A salute to the late “Parks and Recreation” writer/producer Harris Wittels' greatest comedy hits

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"As long as humans are around, there will be d*ck jokes": Adam Scott on the enduring appeal of "Hot Tub Time Machine 2"

Democratic congressman links Rudy Giuliani's Obama criticism to three-fifths compromise

Community Discussions: Are GMOs inevitable?

Ben Carson's sick torture rationale: Is this 2016's most deluded contender?