September 11, 2015 Archive September 2015

Washington Supreme Court expels charter schools from state public school system

Emasculated white men love Donald Trump: The real reason a billionaire bozo rules the GOP

As a nightmare-inducing Whitey Bulger, Johnny Depp is back in the Oscar race with "Black Mass"

Rupert Murdoch just bought National Geographic. Here's the problem everybody should be talking about.

"A Carlin Home Companion" for the hippest guy in the room: "He was born when the world was ready for him – he never took that for granted"

Storm chasers rejoice: What's behind our fascination with extreme weather?

Politico embarrasses itself, plays softball with NFL on concussions, brain injuries

“The American government and the urban street operate exactly the same": D Watkins unleashes "The Beast Side"

Osama bin Laden got what he wanted: 9/11 and the birth of the national security state

Kim Davis is the new face of the religious right: Angry, marginalized and increasingly desperate

The explosive 1991 documentary Donald Trump did everything in his power to suppress

Jeb's charter school calamity: How the former Florida governor forged an industry of chaos and corruption

If Republicans really want to hold up the Iran deal, they should send Dick Cheney to jail

The GOP's autocratic "businessman" obsession: Why running a company is horrible training for running the country

White guys' yellowface envy: Underneath bizarre acts of racial subterfuge lurks a twisted desire to stand out

If "pro-lifers" wanted to end abortion -- rather than control sex -- their tactics would be radically different

Paul Krugman: Austerity in the name of "respectability is killing the world economy"

GOP's Iran-shutdown debacle: What happens when the governing party is constantly fighting itself

Joe Biden opens up about faith and the loss of his son Beau with Stephen Colbert

Michele Bachmann's ignorance is her strength: The only way to prevent war with Iran is to bomb it

Michael Moore’s utopia: "Where to Invade Next" steals the best ideas from European socialism that could save the American soul

Bill O'Reilly begs the GOP field to be as ideologically excitable and politically incorrect as Donald Trump

Rachel Maddow on Joe Biden: "It's starting to feel increasingly like he won't [run]."

Fox guest: Baltimore residents too "emotional" to sit on jury for officers charged in Freddie Gray's death

Jimmy Fallon kicks-off new NFL season by having 15 players read their own superlatives

My 9/11 survival guide: "Touched," Ken Stringfellow's mournful, overlooked gem of an album

Colbert and Biden, brothers in loss: Their emotional conversation about faith, tragedy and hope could only happen on the new "Late Show"

Donald Trump on his Hillary flip-flopping: I'm only a hypocrite because all businessmen have an obligation to be one

Does Hillary Clinton have an authenticity problem?

"Sleeping With Other People": The edgier, funnier and truer rom-com antidote to "Trainwreck"

The CIA's insidious Hollywood propaganda: New report highlights alarming details about "Zero Dark Thirty"

Fall TV Preview: Friday brings a fresh family sitcom and a period prestige drama, while Saturday belongs to "Dr. Who" and "SNL"

Donald Trump's 9/11 problem: He'd rather defend his hair's honor than remember the American dead

The GOP primary's pathetic race to the bottom: Why Bobby Jindal & Scott Walker continue to impress literally nobody

The "Black Mirror" oracle: Confronting the technology we desire that could also destroy us

Walker's dramatic implosion: The one-time Iowa frontrunner is now barely registering in the polls

Bernie Sanders tries to meet with Black leaders but nobody shows up: Only 6 Congressional Black Caucus members attend

The terror after the terror: America still hasn't reckoned with the disgrace of post-9/11 hate crimes

Stephen King goes to the White House: With his National Medal of Arts, the master of horror plants both feet firmly in the literary canon

Larry Wilmore ridicules Dick Cheney's Iran warmongering that even Fox News won't buy

"Don't read the comments": The trolls, racists and abusers won — reasonable online feedback is a thing of the distant past