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Don't call Donald Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian” or he will send you pictures of his fingers for the next 25 years

Carly Fiorina's war on math: Her pixie-dust plan to balance the budget and make America perfect

Bernie Sanders, meet your latest and wackiest fan base: Comic Con characters are feeling the Bern

"If we came out now, we wouldn’t have a chance in hell": Shirley Manson looks back at 20 years of Garbage

As a white parent, I solemnly swear to never do this

Black and Hispanic People Have Longer Hospital Wait Times in America Than Whites

“Victoria”: This exciting German thriller, shot straight through in one take, is much more than a novelty

This is the Fox News of music: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an embarrassing, corrupting institution

Climate apocalypse is here, now: Science fiction has become our new reality

Urban Outfitters' latest abomination: Asking paid employees to work for free

Not all lives matter: The perverse hypocrisy of "pro-life" gun enthusiasts

10 (often painful) truths about being black in America

GOP's "anti-corruption" snake oil: The crew that poisoned DC now wants to clean it up

The big "black racism" lie: The toxic right-wing trope that shrouds the truth about white supremacy

Seth Meyers devastates Kevin McCarthy and House GOP: "Whoever does get that job is going to hate it, because it's the worst job on earth"

"The Daily Show" blows up Fox News again!: Trevor Noah unloads on Rupert Murdoch's vague racism

Kickstart our hearts: Our moral depravity in Syria rises to callous new levels

Bob Dylan, bizarre computer salesman: "He’s being played as a genial grandpa, rather than as a rebel"

The GOP Congress is a raging dumpster fire with no end in sight

Paul Krugman: The GOP is obsessed with finding the next Benghazi

Bill O'Reilly smacked down for Islamophobic "Watters' World" segment he mistakenly claims is "satire"

Reminder: Paul Ryan is a wild-eyed, right-wing nut. He's acceptable to the insane caucus because he is one of them

The Kevin McCarthy plot thickens: The bizarre rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding his sudden exit

"Babysitting experience STRONGLY PREFERRED": Democratic Rep. trolls GOP with fake Craigslist ad for House Speaker

Right-wing smear politics at its grossest: The anti-choice, women-hater caucus behind the Kevin McCarthy, Renee Ellmers affair rumors

Again: One dead, three injured in Arizona campus shooting

GOP's case against Planned Parenthood collapses: Jason Chaffetz admits he uncovered no wrongdoing

"Angry, alienated, isolated, maybe a little delusional" -- and with "access to efficient killing machinery"

The GOP is ungovernable: What happens when one major party is dysfunctional to the core

Deaf and star of a Broadway musical: Daniel Durant doesn't have to hear the music to make you love it

Losing faith in the 2016 presidential election? Comic Con births new candidates

Sorry, thirsty media: Next week's Democratic debate won't be a GOP-style bloodbath

The Home Depot shooter must be jailed: The NRA encourages a culture of irresponsible gun ownership

The right's favorite gun control myth: Ben Carson is just the latest to recycle debunked Hitler theory

The wingnuts are after Paul Ryan's scalp: "The man's a menace"

Christie and wife earned nearly $1 million in 2014

Raven-Symoné's discriminatory insanity: "I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea"

Hillary Clinton's populist charade: Think twice before you take her at her word on TPP

What if the drunk mac-and-cheese douchebag was armed?

Nick Jonas, Rick Ross, Meek Mill added to Tidal concert

Jeb Bush's gross "Redskins" pandering: "Washington" is pejorative, not the slur