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Mass shooters often chase fame and suicide: "These are not people who want to ... live with the crimes they commit"

Aggrandizing ISIS: Giving overseas militants undue credit plays into their hands and obscures the truth

WikiLeaks will release new Clinton emails to add to incriminating evidence, Julian Assange says, in "big year ahead"

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Fox News anchor finally gets fed up: “Can’t we hold true the sanctity of the Second Amendment while still having common sense?”

McIlroy focusing on disciplined approach as Oakmont looms

Don't call Emma Cline's book "luminous": The word "seems only used to describe writing by women"

“20 minutes of action” is 20 minutes for Brock Turner — for his victim, it’s a lifetime

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A crisis we can solve: Denying health care to undocumented immigrants is immoral, unjust and un-American

From reason to sheer insanity: Orlando mass shooting has splintered the GOP

Obama's scathing takedown of Trump: The president highlights just how isolated and unhinged the GOP nominee is

"We will get through this together, resilient": LGBTQ leaders offer perspective and strength after Orlando shooting

"It could have been me": This video of the Stonewall Inn vigil in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting is terrifying and touching

Trump's fear doesn't sell: His horrible response to the Orlando massacre will rightfully turn more voters to Hillary

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WATCH: Jesse Watters attempts to humiliate "Hamilton" fans -- gets repeatedly schooled instead

"Listening to Trump is like opening up a fortune cookie": Seth Meyers tries to make sense of the billionaire's incoherence

"Muslims are a part of the LGBT community, not distinct from it": Watch Dan Savage forcefully push back against Trump's divisive response to Orlando attack

Thank you, Stephen Colbert: He perfectly explains Trump's Orlando response with one simple diagram

WATCH: Bill O'Reilly admits that the threat of Muslim terrorism in America should limit Second Amendment

"This child is waited for": My life as a surrogate mother

Larry Wilmore on Brock Turner case: "Was this judge drunk at the time of sentencing?"

Donald Trump to meet with the NRA about curtailing 2nd Amendment rights of those on no fly list

Trump: "No real assimilation” of even second or third generation Muslims in America

Brock Turner judge's credibility gone: Prosecutors have Persky removed from a similar sex assault case

Bernie's end game: How Sanders will benefit the Democratic Party by (technically) staying in the race

Bill O'Reilly's double standard: Why he's a hypocrite for accusing the entire Muslim world of being complicit in terrorism

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