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WATCH: Donald Trump campaign says a woman's most important job is being a mom in ad

BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: Glenn Beck, for claiming his Nazi conspiracy theories were a public service

Outing Elena Ferrante: We have very little to gain by removing the Italian novelist's anonymity

U.S. paid P.R. firm $540 million to make fake al-Qaida videos in Iraq propaganda program

Ron Paul suggests support for Jill Stein, admits he is "disappointed" by Gary Johnson

NRA ridicules Kim Kardashian after she's robbed at gunpoint

Bruce Springsteen's "Chapter & Verse": A close read of the companion album to his memoir "Born to Run"

The Book of Bruce: "Born to Run" is the Springsteen Bible fans have been waiting for

Nate Parker is not a victim: "The Birth of a Nation" filmmaker needs to stop talking about his innocence

The PR War: How a public relations firm is lobbying for regime change in Syria

Donald Trump is not a job-creating expert: His Atlantic City casinos failed at keeping people employed

Taking on "the real power players": How workers are taking pension control back from hedge funds

Neoliberal Clinton is the Left's best bet: Democrats, not Republicans or Trump, expose the establishment's limits

School employee fired for racist post about Michelle Obama

Mike Pence's debate challenge: Make Donald Trump seem sane

Listen to the children: What Jeremy Mardis and Zianna Oliphant tell us about race and police brutality

Ken Starr's karma: Donald Trump's planned Hillary Clinton attacks will take us back to the worst of the 1990s

Donald Trump plays his "woman card": Ivanka's misdirection can't cover up a campaign built on misogyny

Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump $1 billion loss on mismanaged casinos: "You know what they say — the house always loses"

Ask these, please: Questions Mike Pence needs to answer at the vice presidential debate

Donald Trump's "economic depression" lie: His massive loss came during a booming economy

Kelly Ayotte's condom cover-up: Her anti-contraception record can't be washed away with free condom giveaway

Cracks in the Donald J. Trump Foundation: Report alleges self-dealing to buy conservative favor

Gary Johnson, are you doing OK?

Joe Biden schools Donald Trump for his PTSD comment: "So thoroughly, completely uninformed"

Millennials are fans of President Obama, but cool on Hillary Clinton

Alex Jones loses faith in WikiLeaks after underwhelming #OctoberSurprise: Julian Assange "probably out of documents"

Senate Republicans' ploy to protect against Trump: GOP now promises Hillary Clinton will be treated better than President Obama

What you need to know about Donald Trump's VP pick Mike Pence

What you need to know about Hillary Clinton's VP pick Tim Kaine

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Election blindness: It's the end of the world economy as we know it — and we feel fine

Report: Per NSA request, Yahoo built "custom software" to spy on "hundreds of millions" of email accounts

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

How to ace the vice presidential debate: Mike Pence has a lot to lose against Tim Kaine

Hell in "Dark Prison": New forms of torture at CIA black site revealed

Bullsh**ter of the day: Gary Johnson, for being proud he can't use a map or something