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Leaked email: Hillary Clinton told "radical environmentalists" to "get a life," defended fracking and pipelines

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Will millions of "missing voters" propel Donald Trump to victory? Probably not

The big auto short: The next subprime lending bubble could be about to burst

Donald Trump's South Carolina campaign director calls sexual assault accusations "bimbo eruptions"

North Korean zoo's star attraction is a chain-smoking chimpanzee

White privilege wages jihad: Kansas “militia members” aren't considered “terrorists” because they're not Muslim

Donald Trump's last performance: Here are the greatest debate moments from the craziest candidate ever

Arizona goes to court so it can continue to use midazolam in lethal injections

Russia blames U.S. for airstrike in Aleppo that killed 6

Donald Trump is now in favor of term limits (remember that time he was against them?)

Marco Rubio warns against cheering on WikiLeaks revelations: "Tomorrow it could be us"

Donald Trump taps shadowy GOP researcher Mike Roman as chief poll-watcher

Salon Talks: Donald Trump's critics can't "throw stones at him” — a woman explains why she supports the GOP nominee

Congressman continues pressuring U.S. to stop fueling "civilian carnage" in Saudi-led war in Yemen

Ecuador limited Julian Assange's internet access to stop WikiLeaks from interfering in the presidential campaign

Maine Gov. Paul LePage: "People from the cemetery" will be voting thanks to Democrats

"Muslims for Trump" ad pictures Sikh man leading group to distinguish Muslims and Sikhs

Bill Clinton probably won't shake Melania Trump's hand during the final presidential debate

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