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NOAA cuts could stymie research, put lives at risk

Khizr Khan, Gold Star Muslim-American father, says his “freedom to travel abroad” is under review

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Child-free and OK with it — but still dealing with moral scolding and social disapproval

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Hey, Trump voters: This fiasco is what you get when you "experiment" with the presidency

Critics: GOP's Obamacare replacement plan will "destroy the ability of millions of Americans to access any health care"

The fight to repeal same-sex marriage begins: Texas hears case to restrict spousal benefits to LGBT couples

As many as 60,000 detained immigrants may have engaged in forced labor for private prison companies

WATCH: Comedian Dean Obeidallah says President Trump's revised travel ban is still a flaming turd

What's the state of State? Trump plans to run foreign policy without the professionals

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Trump's White House can't provide evidence that the president was wiretapped

President Trump will gut Coast Guard, TSA, FEMA to pay for his border wall, immigrant roundups

Ben Carson's terrible "Hamilton" sequel idea: The enslaved were immigrants who "worked even harder for less"?

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says he is "considering" separating children from their parents

"Choose one": Jason Chaffetz says that Americans will have to choose between a phone and health insurance

Of liquidity and lemons: Why Wall Street is like a used car lot

White House plagiarizes statement from ExxonMobil, as Trump sings oil company's praises

WikiLeaks releases thousands of documents it says were leaked from the CIA

North Korea launches test missiles capable of reaching U.S. military bases in Japan

Missouri state senator on prescription abuse: "If they overdose and kill themselves, it just removes them from the gene pool"

Gay conservative: Liberals are misguided in thinking there's "some sort of fascist element in power"