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Unlike in 2016, there was no spike in misinformation this election cycle

Autocrats, incorporated

Stacey Abrams urges voters to stay in long lines as Georgia election marred by technical problems

Two down, 21 to go: Democrats open the night with quick pickups in the House

Remember homophobic Kentucky clerk Kim Davis? She was just defeated

Republican Marsha Blackburn defeats Phil Bredesen in Tennessee Senate race

Kris Kobach, crusader in effort to curtail immigration and voting rights, loses Kansas governor race

Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heitkamp go down: Did Brett Kavanaugh sink Democrats in the Senate?

Betomania hits the red wall: Ted Cruz wins re-election in Texas

Trump and White House aides brace for the worst: report

Debbie Stabenow wins Michigan Senate race, but the Democrat didn't cruise to victory over John James

Yes, it's a blue wave after all: Democrats win back the House easily, fall short in the Senate

Josh Hawley unseats Claire McCaskill in Missouri Senate race

Steve King, the most overtly racist member of Congress, wins competitive bid for re-election in Iowa

People complain of PTSD after New York Times brings back its infamous election prediction needle

Rent control proposition defeated in California

Democrat demands recount after indicted GOP congressman wins re-election

White House officials reportedly fear major move from Mueller coming soon

Trump still mum on taxes, will do "whatever he wants"

MSNBC’s Morning Joe reveals horrifying truth about Trump’s "personality cult"

Women are "deserting the Republican party": CNN analyst argues Trump has gone too far

Scott Walker defeated as Wisconsin governor

Stacey Abrams refuses to give up: Georgia governor race still too close to call

Democrats are back on the field: Welcome to the first day of the 2020 campaign

TV news learned nothing from 2016: Sports-style election coverage remains terrible and short-sighted

Watching election returns with the resistance: The blue wave was modest, but women won't quit

Florida recount: Democrat Bill Nelson won't concede to Republican Rick Scott

Kentucky letdown: No blue wave for Amy McGrath in the Bluegrass State

Trump melts down after midterms, lashes out at Republicans for losing the House

Here's your midterm analysis: America is being held hostage by angry old white guys

Trump blows up after CNN's Jim Acosta asks about migrant caravan: You are a "rude, terrible person"

GOP's Jason Lewis, who once complained he couldn't call women "sluts," is defeated by a queer woman

Don't give up the fight: Post-election activism is self-care, too

When questioned about Trump's tax returns, Conway snaps: "Is this really what we're talking about?"

12 Republicans who helped write the tax bill won't be back next year

Trump fires Sessions, replaces him with former right-wing pundit

In the Trump era, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar become the first Muslim women elected to Congress

"Bohemian Rhapsody" called out for inaccuracies, including handling of Mercury’s HIV diagnosis

Voter suppression worked: Greg Palast explains why Georgia governor race is headed to a legal battle

Nancy Pelosi calls for bipartisanship: "We have a responsibility to seek common ground where we can"

History made twice over: Americans have finally elected Native American women to Congress