Antoaneta Roussi

Watch: Trump adviser stuns CNN host when he mentions waterboarding Hillary Antoaneta Roussi
Donald Trump, Michael Sexton
Great news for Americans looking to get scammed out of their money! Trump says he'll reopen Trump University Antoaneta Roussi
Rush Limbaugh is a moron: Evolution is false because Cincinnati Zoo gorilla never turned into a human Antoaneta Roussi
David French, Bill Kristol
Bill Kristol is reportedly trying to recruit anti-LGBT National Review writer David French to run for prez Antoaneta Roussi
Gary Johnson
Can't stand Hillary or Trump? Here's 8 things to know about Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who's gaining steam across U.S. Antoaneta Roussi
Robert Lewis Dear
Victims in Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting sue health group, say attack was preventable Antoaneta Roussi
Barack Obama
OT outrage: Liberal advocacy group slams Obama’s new overtime regs Antoaneta Roussi
Bernie Sanders
Sanders supporters suing California to extend voter registration Antoaneta Roussi
"Not a chance" that Sanders supporters vote for Trump, former Obama adviser says Antoaneta Roussi
Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush proves he can be just as racist as Trump: Says taco bowl tweet was ‘like eating a watermelon and saying I love African-Americans’ Antoaneta Roussi
Amazon Book Store
Another blow to small biz in U.S.? Amazon wades into the food and baby market with its own brand of products Antoaneta Roussi
Anti-Gay Demonstrators
A conservative legal group's chief mission is banning homosexuality, report says Antoaneta Roussi
Kevin Cramer
Even Donald Trump's climate-change skeptic energy adviser believes there should be a carbon tax Antoaneta Roussi
"Smashing" Sanders: Billy Corgan rips Bernie on Alex Jones' radio show Antoaneta Roussi
Johnny Depp
Donald Trump could be "the actual last president of the United States" says Johnny Depp Antoaneta Roussi