ISIS claims responsibility for Texas cartoon attack, but experts are wary AP/Salon
Space Station
Leak scare prompts astronauts to evacuate to Russian module on the International Space Station AP/Salon
Oregon school shooting: Multiple injuries reported at Troutdale's Reynolds High School AP/Salon
Shots fired at Fort Hood: 1 dead, 14 injured AP/Salon
UPDATED: University of Oklahoma: No Evidence of shots fired AP/Salon
2014 Academy Award nominations announced AP/Salon
Harvard Cheating Investigation
Harvard students applaud bomb threat after final exams canceled AP/Salon
Mideast Yemen
Three Yemeni military leaders defect to opposition AP/Salon
APTOPIX Mideast Libya
U.S. to target Libyan military with cruise missile strikes AP/Salon
Libyan foreign minister announces cease-fire, rebels dismiss cease-fire declaration AP/Salon
Obama shows little hope for Libya no-fly zone resolution at UN AP/Salon
CORRECTION Japan Earthquake
9,500 missing in one Japanese town day after earthquake AP/Salon
Japan Earthquake Pacific
High water from tsunami hits California coast AP/Salon
James O'Keefe
NPR CEO Vivian Schiller resigns over hidden camera video AP/Salon
John Galliano
Former Dior designer John Galliano checks into rehab AP/Salon