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Iraq War architect Bill Kristol complains about American "war-weariness"

Watch the trailer for the "Peanuts" 3-D movie

Evolution one-ups genetic modification

Disney's "Star Wars" to start shooting in May

Republican state rep: Pay equity and family leave laws make women look like "whiners"

Tea Party Senate candidate won't answer questions on spending public money for debate coach

Are you a Google user? Beware of this phishing scam

Charlotte Gainsbourg on "Nymphomaniac": "People who want porn will be really disappointed!"

A sex-in-public hall of fame

I still can't stand white belly dancers

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RNC's embarrassing new ad campaign: Meet Scott, the cool young Republican!

Playing right into GOP's hands: How Democrats could blow it big time on Obamacare

More evil than genius? How iPad and Google Glass makers are secretly scamming America

Hannah Arendt was right: Walter Benjamin is "sui generis"

5 reasons to consider a no-strings-attached, basic income for all Americans

Andy Cohen to anti-vaccine nut Kristin Cavallari: "Personal decision, very good"

"To say 'my religious law trumps your secular law' is a radical idea"

Exclusive: Target's cheesy anti-union propaganda gets a modern makeover

7 technologies for tracking (or losing) airplanes

Debt crisis nears tipping point: "Creditors have their foot on the throat of the global economy"

Chris Christie update: Guv has a terrible Tuesday

Must-see morning clip: Watch Seth Meyers and David Remnick judge New Yorker cartoons

Arkansas school doubles down after banning gay student's coming-out story from yearbook

The modern horror of MH370: Vanishing planes, conspiracy theories and the fear of not knowing

We're a nation of medical conspiracy nuts

The trailer for "The Giver" is here

SCOTUS may dodge question of "corporate religion" in Hobby Lobby case

China's newest weapon in the war against smog: Drones

Malaysia Airlines update: Emotional relatives dragged out of press conference

"We can't live like this!" The huge Christie disaster the national media is missing

Kathie Lee Gifford, anti-sweatshop activist, compares the Oscars red carpet to a sweatshop

Laura Bennett joins Salon as culture editor

FiveThirtyEight's science writer accused of misrepresenting the data on climate change

GOPers freaking out over Obama March Madness picks: A retrospective

Surprise! "Benson" filmed three endings -- find out which one was most likely

Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift: Virtual reality headsets are coming soon

Rikers Island horror story: Mentally ill veteran "basically baked to death" in NYC prison

J.R.R. Tolkien's translation of "Beowulf" to be published

Ralph Reed: Oppressing evangelical Christians is “the last acceptable form of bigotry”

GOP's self-deluded optimism: Why its long-term outlook is horrible, despite '14

Keystone opponents' next target: Natural gas exports

Twitter ignores Snowden, won't encrypt direct messages

We have to fight for the right to die

Stephen Hawking: Space exploration is vital to our future

Charlie Rangel: Tea Party is made up of "mean, racist people" from former "slave-holding" states