March 26, 2014 Archive March 2014

Sorry, libertarians: The IRS is going to levy taxes on your bitcoins

GOP Senate candidate highlights pig-castrating experience in new ad

Justices Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan come out swinging against Hobby Lobby corporate religion claim

N.J. court: Christie administration acted illegally in ignoring greenhouse gas regulations

GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher half-defends Russia's annexation of Crimea

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are separating

10,883 out of 10,885 scientific articles agree: Global warming is happening, and humans are to blame

Creationism in the classroom: Proposed vouchers could funnel more tax dollars to pseudo-science

Facebook buys virtual reality company for $17 billion less than WhatsApp

It could have been my family: Living in mudslide country

It isn't easy being twee: Why the Wes Anderson aesthetic is good for everyone

Obama: Nuclear blast a bigger concern than Russia

'Fifty Shades,' 'Fast,' 'Dumber' teased in Vegas

"This has not gone perfectly": Christie under the gun in latest town hall

The next financial crisis looms: Here's where it may come from

Nate Silver and the ensuing conservative delusion: Dimwits still don't get "unskewing"

Why religious fundamentalists are so excited about charter schools

How Russia could strangle the U.S. space program

The sexy new fad for mindful living: Orgasmic meditation

Dr. Livingstone: Presumed Innocent?

Scalia's birth control debacle: Wingnut justice completely baffled by contraception

Hearing on prominent gas bill managed by former gas lobbyists

Chris Christie update: Guv's losing the Politico primary

Big Brother is coming: Google, mass surveillance, and the rise of the "Internet of Things"

Must-see morning clip: Vladimir "Boobs Akimbo" Putin takes Crimea

Game over: How libertarians lost the battle for Bitcoin's soul

Jimmy Carter takes over "The Colbert Report" for a "hugely historic night"

Washington mudslide: Scientists' warning of “the potential for a large catastrophic failure” went unheeded

Bill O’Reilly rants about the poor: “They grow up with no skills, and they can’t read and speak, and they have tattoos on their neck”

Don't knock Gwyneth's "uncoupling"

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: French satellite images show "most credible lead"

Ration that guacamole: We've got a major lime shortage on our hands

Twitter to Turkey: "Political speech is among the most important speech"

The great Tea Party swindle: How to make lots of money off the naive

Science: It's not OK to pee in the pool

Here are Louis C.K.'s "SNL" promos

Spelling mistake let Boston bomber slip by U.S. intelligence

Joan Rivers does it again, claims Lena Dunham spreads message obesity and diabetes are OK

Princeton University not a fan of "Princeton Mom"

Gwyneth Paltrow's utterly obnoxious "conscious uncoupling" letter proves she's the last great star

Erick Erickson inadvertently proves my point: Why the contraception case is so important

Meet the streaming TV company that the networks are trying to crush

GOP's toxic contraception politics: Why being the party of "Uncle Sugar" will doom them

EPA moves to clean up the Clean Water Act

Christian school tries to dictate girl's "God-ordained identity"

Paul Ryan swears immigration reform will happen before the end of time

Facebook just crushed the Internet's geekiest dream — and now there's hell to pay

John Leguizamo goes back to the "Ghetto"

How the AP-GfK poll was conducted

Court seems likely to block Secret Service case

Air and Space Museum reopens after evacuation

Egypt army chief says he will run for president