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I fell in love with "the villain": My sources expected outrage. I married him instead

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are reuniting! Here are the 10 best "Mr. Show" sketches

Pat Robertson on Indiana law: Gay wedding cakes are a gateway to "bestiality"

GOP Sen. Mark Kirk comes unhinged over Iran agreement, name-checks Hitler

EPA announces moratorium on bee-killing pesticides

Gun nuts' latest victory: Sam Brownback signs law allowing concealed carry without a permit

"The Iranians didn't get the Sudetenland": Conservatives freak out over Iran nuclear framework

Wall Street Democrats are on notice: Andrew Cuomo, Rahm Emanuel and the party's new civil war

Don Draper, man out of time: "Mad Men" demands we confront who we were then, and who we are today

This is how Indiana Gov. Mike Pence wins: Moral superiority, "religious freedom," social media hypocrisy and the problem with #BoycottIndiana

Sara Bareilles show, Mark Rylance highlight A.R.T.'s season

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10 Things to Know for Friday

The 5 most demented right-wing reactions to the pushback against Indiana's anti-gay law

The birth of American plutocracy: When the 1 percent conquered U.S. politics

10 of the most fear-mongering political ads in American history

Man reported missing at sea for 66 days reunites with family

The Guardian's radical attack plan: How the newspaper is taking sides in the Climate Wars

The right's "cake" insanity: You won't believe how it's trying to deflect the Indiana backlash

"I couldn't help but be surprised": These Vietnam-era dirty tricks will shock you

Activist Frank Mugisha is an out gay man in Uganda: "Two males texting is seen as unnatural!"

3 ways inequality is making life worse for everyone

Michelle Obama absolutely kills it in the "Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2"

Cutting back on water use: Q&A on California's drought

Raise the wage: Paul Krugman shatters the myth that we can't afford to boost workers' pay

Ann Coulter's deranged Indiana freakout: Blasts Christians who would rather "change bedpans of Ebola patients" than stand up for anti-gay pizza parlor

Barack Obama's kids do not think he's cool

Rachel Maddow slams despicable Alabama lawmaker who tried to repeal a law inspired by his own patient's death

Gay Boy Scout leader hired in New York: "We said yes to him irrespective of his sexual orientation"

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14 and trying to get pregnant: "Shameless" paints a bleak portrait of the sex lives of girls

Scott Walker has a spectacularly insensitive response to critics of anti-gay laws

Stop whatever you're doing and watch this: The Rock lip-syncing Taylor Swift is absolutely incredible

Jonathan Franzen is guilty of "extreme intellectual dishonesty," according to the Audubon Society

International travelers are returning to the U.S. with a multidrug-resistant stomach bug -- and it's spreading

"They want the judges’ heads on a plate": Texas GOP wants to shame courts helping teen victims of abuse access abortion

David Letterman roasts the Church of Scientology in hilarious late-night parody

EmmaSofia and the case for psychedelic legalization

Religious right's next crusade: What they want to throw women in jail for now

Republicans' "Hitler" idiocy: Why their hysterical Iran pushback exposes a secret

More Americans trust Fox News than the government to tell them the truth about climate change

Funny or Die skewers homophobic businesses in pitch-perfect Indiana spoof

Wingnuts' nagging Iran problem: Why they can't answer this one simple question

Community Discussion: Is California doing enough to save water?

"Mad Men" eulogies: Pete Campbell, loathsome creep

Chelsea Manning joins Twitter: "I’m hoping to stay connected"

It'll take more than pink dinosaur shirts to fix sexism in STEM

Watch "The Price is Right" model's silly mistake that cost the show $20 thousand

One is not born, but rather becomes, a Hillary Clinton: What Harry Reid gets wrong about women in politics