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Carol Queen is a fan of Amy Schumer's "frisky" feminism: She's "standing up here with a level of swagger that people expect from a fellow when he’s out on the town"

"Vacationing Brian Williams credited with bringing down the runaway Army Blimp": A big, goofy #blimp went rogue, and Twitter went wild

How the f*** did we get here?! Why Trump & Carson have demolished all comers—and why you should keep an eye on Rubio & Cruz

Lindsey Graham cracks wise on climate change: "I'm not a scientist — and I've got the grades to prove it"

Brace yourselves, climate change is coming: These 41 areas could be subject to untimely natural disasters

The real story of "Our Brand Is Crisis" is how we screwed up Bolivia: Behind the bland Sandra Bullock movie lies another strange-but-true tale of botched American meddling

My trigger-warning disaster: "9 1/2 Weeks," "The Wire" and how coddled young radicals got discomfort all wrong

George Pataki: "The problem with the GOP is we question science everyone accepts," like vaccines and climate change

The Hillary and Katy power alliance: Their savvy blend of pop and politics could be a game-changer for both

Rogue state: For 24th year, U.S. defies 99 percent of world, voting against ending Cuba embargo

Let's factcheck the Republican debate: Whoppers on family leave and the middle class

Trump on the offensive: He may have stolen Reagan's slogan, but he's violating his 11th Commandment, repeatedly

Patton Oswalt takes on the Republicans: "Let's get ready to gape in disbelief!"

Marco Rubio can't deny his chronic absenteeism, so he attacked the media for pointing it out

Ted Cruz throws a very presidential temper tantrum, attacking GOP debate moderators for failing to kowtow

"Reince Priebus should be fired": Conservatives unload on RNC & CNBC after disastrous debate

Jeb Bush is the biggest loser: He needed a big moment, but is really bad at debates

GOP lets the media have it: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio beat "liberal media" myth

GOP's debate trainwreck: A chaotic mess that helped winnow things down

The buzz(kill) about caffeine: What's really in that can of Coke

We are the most unequal society in the developed world: As bad as you think income inequality is, it's so much worse

Bill Gates: The private sector is completely inept

Never tell a woman to "smile": An earnest plea to the good men to sit down, shut up and listen

"Congress is always going to be full of sh*t. You know that. We all know that": Seth Meyers sees right through Paul Ryan

Steve Jobs, messiah to jerks: Are we worshiping innovation, or just the freedom to be an a**hole?

The grim lesson of Boehner's budget deal: American democracy is broken

CNBC just set the standard for catastrophic debate performances

CNBC's GOP debate dumpster fire: The moderators were no match for the lying liars on stage

Ben Carson's planning a GOP debate revolt: Campaign manager says he wants to round-up competitors and ditch the RNC

GOP claims the media is out to get them: Watch the candidates avoid answering debate questions by ripping into "liberal media"

Hillary binge watches "The Good Wife," Trump's fave is "The Apprentice," Bernie played a rabbi in a B-movie comedy: Take a look at the 2016 candidates' pop culture tastes

Jonathan Franzen and Stephen Colbert just secretly trolled Amazon — and it's brilliant

Justin Bieber storms out of interview after he was asked to help "break the Internet"

Bye bye, Boehner: Paul Ryan elected 62nd Speaker of the House

“How about a debate moderated by Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh?": Ted Cruz blasts "Democrats' cheerleaders" for ruining GOP debates

Fox News throws a temper tantrum over GOP debate: "Walk off the stage!"

Eva Longoria defends Trump's "SNL" gig: "Lorne Michaels has a right to book whoever he wants"

Ben Carson on shady supplement company he had a 10-year relationship with: "I didn't have any involvement with them, that is total propaganda"

A 5-year-old "chooses heaven" over the hospital: Backlash is the last thing parents helping a dying child refuse treatment need

Jeb Bush mostly just stood there looking awkward at last night's GOP debate

Lindsey Graham tears the GOP to shreds: "I don't think the RNC could run a one-car funeral"

The inane spectacle of the GOP debate: Cruz the showboating creep, Rubio the slick operator & Bush the desperate flop

Jeb's Asian American "canary" votes might not fly: What the GOP gets wrong about this potentially powerful voting bloc

The "liberal media" lie: "The Washington press corps is much closer to Wall Street than it is to Main Street"

We must now fear Marco Rubio: The GOP's best bet is sneaky, slippery and deceptively dangerous

Elizabeth Warren eviscerates Paul Ryan's breathtakingly bad budgets, nails roots of GOP's dysfunction

This Stephen Colbert joke just put Donald Trump's entire campaign in context

These Republicans are petulant children: What's really behind their whining about the big, bad media

"Responsible" parents hand out carrots instead of candy on Halloween: Signs urge neighbors to avoid giving treats with nuts, gluten or dairy

Julianne Moore slams the "calcified gun lobby" for being out of touch: Gun control "isn’t anti-gun; it’s pro-common sense"

The truth about mandatory minimums: The left's painful—but necessary—conversation about crime & punishment