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Is it Friday yet? A look at everyone's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

"Why can't we just have the truth?": CNN's Jim Acosta, Breitbart reporter spar over Trump coverage

Trump suddenly reverses course: NATO is "no longer obsolete" and China is no longer a currency manipulator

Rudy Giuliani's newest gig is almost too sleazy to be true

WATCH: Oral Roberts University fires basketball coach, makes recruits take “faith exams”

Don’t panic over Neil Gorsuch: The courts are the last hope for LGBT rights under Trump

Charlie Murphy’s "whole life was a funny moment"

59 Tomahawks and 5,900 years of slaughter: A brief history of Syria

Trump sparks “first protest in space”: Space network’s screw-you message flies 90,000 feet high

Bye bye Bill: Megyn Kelly's departure from Fox News was a watershed moment for Bill O'Reilly

Alpha Dem: Why Bernie Sanders has risen to the top as America's favorite senator

Kellyanne Conway emerges from the darkness: Will Trump give her a second chance after Sean Spicer's Hitler disaster?

Red-state progressives fight to protect abortion rights: Turning the tables on right-wing lawmakers

Paul Manafort's exit strategy: Trump's campaign chairman set up shell company to get loans from Trump-tied businesses

Security trumps progress: Cabinet members demand more protection while preparing to slash budgets

Robert Reich: Trump is fleecing America, and the Department of Justice is letting it happen

WATCH: Roger Stone bobs, weaves and deflects when confronted about Donald Trump's history of alleged sexual assault

Is Bannon doomed? It hardly matters — Jeff Sessions is much better at white nationalism anyway

Reality-show presidency goes to war: Why Trump was able to sucker the world on Syria

Who are conservatives comparing to Adolf Hitler today?

WATCH: Tomi Lahren says she was "thrown away" by Glenn Beck's The Blaze

Bannon's bad for business: Donald Trump's kids want his adviser gone because he's hurting the Trump Organization's image

Meet the “new right.” Same as the “alt-right”

Donald Trump has an incredibly odd plan to get Democrats to negotiate an Obamacare repeal

Carter Page can't remember if he discussed sanctions with Russian officials: "Something may have come up in a conversation"

Trump wants to relax Border Patrol requirements to deport more people

Why is Donald Trump flip-flopping on one of his biggest campaign promises and caving to China?

It didn't end at the ballot box: Donald Trump's biggest supporters now push for a divisive agenda

British spy agencies knew about Trump-Russia connections back in 2015

WATCH: Human touch is still the key to innovative real estate industry

Pence the tiebreaker: Trump signs GOP bill that weakens protections for women yet again

Trump's White House readouts are short and worthless: An analysis of what the West Wing is telling the world

President Trump drops "mother of all bombs": U.S. military targets ISIS in Afghanistan with largest nonnuclear bomb

"I realized it’s not so easy": President Trump gets a much-needed crash course on governing

WATCH: Republican congressman tells his constituents that because he's rich, he doesn't work for them

Social platform for illegal content: Facebook is at risk for criminal prosecution in the U.K.