Sean McElwee

Sean McElwee is a co-founder of Data for Progress and the Director of Polling at Take Back The Courts. He tweets at @seanmcelwee.

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John Roberts' New Year's message rings hollow — because the chief justice is a partisan hack Sean McElwee
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Prison Cell
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SCOTUS makes it rain: Most of the big money behind the 2016 election directly resulted from Supreme Court decisions Sean McElwee
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I Voted Stickers
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Trump's supporters believe a false narrative of white victimhood — and the data proves it Sean McElwee
Donald Trump
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Post Office
Make government great again: Overcoming anti-government bias is central to long-term progressive victory Sean McElwee
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Americans generally support reproductive choice — so why does the GOP keep winning on abortion? Sean McElwee
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What is to be done? How Democrats can rebuild and recover from the debacle of 2016 Sean McElwee
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What went wrong with the Democratic Party? Three big failures that led to the current debacle Sean McElwee