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Top mob boss nabbed in Italy

Federal Reserve orders new "stress tests" for banks

Murkowski wins Alaska Senate race

House Democrats keep Nancy Pelosi as their leader

Wisconsin man accused of shooting TV over Palin dance

Michele Bachmann to have far-right crank teach Constitution to new representatives

In Afghan war, 2014 is the new 2011

Royal engagement ring madness

Student body president in California is illegal immigrant

Why Chinese teenagers don't speak Albanian

Wednesday link dump: Ambush!

National Enquirer owner files for bankruptcy

Who will smack down all the lies?

Roundup: The "porn for women" quest continues

Disappointing turkey no more!

Turkey leg confit recipe

My ex has guns

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1": Harry Potter goes dark

Why is Mommy so mad?

The Ghailani verdict and American justice

Stewart on the Palins' "Family Media Circus"

So, Sarah, you think you can beat Barack ...

Patti Smith wins National Book Award for nonfiction

Big names rally support for Obama's nuclear treaty

How to cheat like a celebrity

Charlie Rangel pleads for "fairness and mercy"

Nobel Peace Prize may not be presented

UC students violently protest potential fee hikes

Ex-Obama official sued in pension corruption case

Immigration law costs Arizona's economy $140m

High school seniors are worse readers than in 1992

Whoops! Chris Dodd swears on Twitter

Couple asks Web: Should we abort?

"Made in Dagenham": A patronizing film about working-class feminism

Sweden seeks global warrant for WikiLeaks founder

2 in 5 say marriage is becoming obsolete

North Korea slapped with new sanctions

Catholic leaders gather to discuss sex abuse