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Margaret Atwood on books: "Push comes to shove, they’re great insulating material"

NAACP head to resign, will create "EMILY's List for people of color"

"Five Days at Memorial": A hospital becomes hell

Anthony Weiner: "I’m gonna be the next mayor" of New York

Coming out about spanking

My shrink is huge!

Former Christian fundamentalist: Science robbed me of my faith

Big Data Improves Health Care

American Chemistry Council pushes to dilute toxin laws

Send in the clowns!

Against the unthinkable: The government's secret chemical weapons defense

The Area 51 truthers were right

GOP's massive new lie: The truth about Obama's second term

Sectarian riots spread in north India, 28 dead

Tipping breeds indentured servitude

Like Lehman Brothers never happened!

"Breaking Bad" recap: A shootout, interrupted

California city welcomes doomsday survivalists

"The Newsroom": It's all over but the 2012 election

The NSA can crack your phone too

Serena Williams wins fifth U.S. open

Head of Sochi Olympics to the world: Stop picking on Russia

"Living on a creek of oil": Shell negotiates spill reparations

Krugman: Conservatism is now "a sort of cult"

Must-see morning clip: Charlie Rose interviews Bashar Assad

Yosemite's new concern is erosion and flooding

In Jamaica, a twist on wine tours for pot connoisseurs

Warren: SCOTUS a "right wing panel"

Patrick Stewart announces marriage with wonderful picture

Meat inspector: "We are no longer in charge of safety"

The 1 percent's Ivy League loophole

TechCrunch has a very sexist weekend

Whatever happened to the Iran-Syria defense pact?

Syria's other ally: North Korea

Miley Cyrus to host Saturday Night Live

Inside an outpatient rehab clinic, allegations of kickbacks and shoddy care

Texas company uses image of kidnapped woman to advertise truck decals

The snowshoe hare's new coat

Syria welcomes Russian proposal to dismantle chemical arsenal

Miley Cyrus releases video for "Wrecking Ball"

New study may reignite debate on mammograms for younger women

NSA chief's intelligence center designed like Starship Enterprise

New antiwar plan emerges for Syria: Leader details urgent crusade

Pop music's beauty standard is depressingly narrow and white

Why Bloomberg snapped: The real reason he must hate de Blasio

The incredibly dumb obsession with John Kerry's "gaffes"

Teen activist writes amazing takedown of Internet slut-shaming

The health benefits of eating mud