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How the Dow Jones industrial average fared Tuesday

Here's the first trailer for the George Takei documentary "To Be Takei"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: After brilliant Hobby Lobby dissent, time to let Obama appoint successor?

SCOTUS' real, demented agenda: Why Harris and Hobby Lobby spell disaster for working women

Noam Chomsky: America's corporate doctrine of power a grave threat to humanity

Fox News host: Hillary is just wooing "Beyonce voters" who want free birth control

Bernice McFadden: Racism in publishing "is often quite blatant"

Bomb-crazy, "do something" neocons must be stopped -- or Iraq will be Obama's Vietnam

"Feminism is a sexual strategy": Inside the angry online men's rights group "Red Pill"

Part sendup, part anxious self-portrait: "Friendship" and the new Brooklyn novel

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Jesus' language more complicated than experts claim

5 states trying to make their kids scientifically illiterate

Jennifer Love Hewitt joining CBS' 'Criminal Minds'

Supreme Court's out-of-control spiral: Ideologues rewriting their own laws

"I could see a singed crib. And I could see a pool of blood": More shocking police overreach and militarized SWAT mistakes

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Watch NASA's CO2-tracking satellite blast into orbit

"Tammy": Melissa McCarthy finally gets creative control

GOP's losing sexist strategy: Here's how conservatives are handling Hobby Lobby

Ebola epidemic worsens: W. African nations hold crisis talks as death toll surges

Rick Santorum is making a movie about Hobby Lobby

Jimmy Kimmel finds people who think Landon Donovan is doing well in the World Cup

Facebook's creepy psychology experiment being investigated in the UK

This fake ad listing all the ingredients in Chicken McNuggets is too real

Guess what: SCOTUS just opened the door to bosses' denying women all contraception coverage

Useless House GOP: No legislating, but plenty of "messaging"

Adding a gay man to "The View" is Barbara Walters' worst idea yet

Lily Allen gets back at Internet trolls in new music video for "URL Badman"

Charles Murray's new disgrace: "Bell Curve" author has a "liberal" obsession

Target "requests" shoppers not bring guns into stores

Here's why we should actually have professional bridesmaids

Russell Brand: Bill O'Reilly represents the values of the devil

Travel Channel host Adam Richman suspended for calling a woman the "c-word"

White supremacy stripped bare: What "Do the Right Thing" tells us 25 years later

Google Glass faces a ban in U.K. movie theaters

Wealthy venture capitalist Tom Perkins is nostalgic for the old Silicon Valley -- whorehouses and all

UPDATED: Google purges negative press coverage of former Wall Street CEO from search results

Tea Party should divorce the Republicans: Why America needs more political parties

What Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia don't understand about contraception

Megyn Kelly's awkward Bill Ayers interview: It turns out there are people to Obama's left!

Obama is the "worst president since WWII," says meaningless poll

15 things Tim Howard could save us from

Leader in anti-choice movement admits abortion is totally safe, still wants to ban it

Documents blow a major hole in Ecuador's "attempt" to protect the Amazon