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My failed Ramones audition

I heard the shot that killed my neighbor, but I refuse to be afraid.

My friend asked me to shave his b*lls

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Why law enforcement can't take the lead on ending mass incarceration

John Oliver just made fantasy sports interesting, unloads on Wall Street numbers nerds, dangerous gambling addictions

"Normal American" George F. Will rails against "delicate snowflakes" in academia and the administrators who "coddle" them

GOP governors rush to bar Syrian refugees following Paris attacks

Donald Trump would "strongly consider" shutting down American mosques to increase security

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The GOP's deadly, broken history: Why last week's Paris attacks prove yet again that George W. Bush didn't "keep us safe"

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Ann Coulter's odious anti-Muslim rants: Of course she's exploiting the Paris terror attacks to entertain racist, xenophobic fans

President Obama slams GOP's callous calls to close the door on Syrian refugees: "That's shameful. That's not American."

We expect comedians to comfort us: "SNL," "The Daily Show," and comedy's new ritual of public mourning

Cornel West tears into hypocritical "sister Clinton" while filling in for Bernie Sanders at an Iowa BBQ

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They want a clash of civilizations: After Paris, we need grown-ups, not apocalyptic warriors